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Policy, Practice and Research Committee (PPRC)

The Policy Practice and Research Committee 

  • considers policy discussions undertaken by the General Assembly and determines suitable future courses of actions
  • sets and oversees the Research Strategy of the RTPI
  • oversees at a strategic level the planning practice work of the RTPI
  • inputs to consultations at UK-wide and international level, taking into account the views of the Scottish Executive Committee, the RTPI Cymru Executive Committee/Policy Forum, the England Policy Committee, the RTPI Northern Ireland Executive Committee/Policy Forum, the RTPI Ireland Executive Committee and the International Committee.
  • oversees the RTPI’s policy and practice networks such as Urban Design, and Transport

Terms of reference

Meeting dates for 2023:

  • 8 March
  • 5 October

Committee Members for 2023:

Janet Askew (Chair)

Stefano Smith (Vice Chair)

Hannah Northrop

Chris Clarke

Deb Upadhyaya

Richard Hamilton

Lisa Curran

Gavin Parker

Samer Bagaeen