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The Nations and Regions Panel

  • acts on behalf of the RTPI Board of Trustees to consider any proposed changes to national or regional structures
  • any proposed material changes to national or regional operational processes or budget processes
  • comment on board decisions which are likely to impact on regional or national activities.

Terms of reference

Committee meetings 2023:

Tuesday 31 January - London office

Tuesday 28 March - virtual

Tuesday 13 June - virtual

Tuesday 12 September - London office


Committee members for 2023:

Stefano Smith - Chair and Nations Trustees on the Board

Lindsey Richards - Vice Chair/Vice President

Andrew Dorrian

Benjamin Vickers

Bryan Smith

Catharine McWhirter

Harry Quartermain

Joe Warren-McCoy

Laura Robertson

Matt Dugdale

Rachel McCormack

Simon Taylor

Stephen Kemp

Thomas Simnett

Wendy Hague


How to join?

Members will be asked to express an interest in serving on a RTPI Standing Committee for 2024 between Wednesday 11 October and Monday 13 November 2023.