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Education and Lifelong Learning Committee

The Education and Lifelong Learning Committee

  • takes delegated responsibility on behalf of the RTPI's Board of Trustees for education policy development and provision of planning education
  • training and learning for RTPI members throughout their professional career
  • for others associated with the activity of planning
  • and for the promotion of planning as a career choice.

Terms of reference


Committee dates 2023

Wednesday 1 March - London office

Tuesday 17 May - Virtual

Tuesday 12 September - Virtual

Tuesday 7 November - On-line only


Committee members 2023 :

Professor Tony Crook (Chair)

Lindsey Richards (Vice Chair)

Colin Haylock

Adele Maher

Claire Hepher-Davies

Dr Neale Blair

Gavin Parker

Gillian Dick (ex officio PSF)

Giuseppe Zanre

Jennie Selley

Kirsty Macari

Miles Price

Natalie Broughton

Professor Nick Gallent

Nick Smith (ex officio PAP)


How to join?

Members will be asked to express an interest in serving on a RTPI Standing Committee for 2024 between Wednesday 11 October and Monday 13 November 2023.