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Each of the RTPI Nations has an Executive Committee which has a remit to:

• supervise, promote and direct the Institute's relations in that nation on planning issues (other than education and membership) with central and local government, other professional bodies pressure groups or the general public
• implement and monitor within that nation policies for the development of planning thought
• support and assist the National Director
• supervise and sustain Chapters where appropriate
• inform the Board of Trustees of issues it should be made aware of
• support members in their professional practices

This year we will be holding a series of ‘drop-in sessions’ for those interested in finding out what it’s like to be part of one of our committees – ahead of our nominations process opening in September. We are a friendly group – and newcomers are very welcome.   We meet in a range of locations, and usually offer a ‘hybrid’ option for those that cannot travel.  

Find out more about each of these committees and how to get involved below.