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The Associate Assessment of Professional Competence (A-APC) is the route to becoming a Chartered Town Planner for those who don't have a fully accredited RTPI qualification. You must be a current Associate Member to apply through this route.


To be eligible to submit your A-APC application:


  • You must be a current registered Associate of the RTPI.
  • You must have a minimum of 2 years' professional planning experience (full-time equivalent); all of which has been gained whilst registered as an Associate.

What is the A-APC?

Associates must prepare a 7,000 word written submission (+/-10%) demonstrating their experience and how they have developed their competence. There are three parts to the submission:

  • Practical Experience Statement (PES)
  • Professional Competence Statement (PCS)
  • Professional Development Plan (PDP

Download the main guidance from our Resource Centre.


There is a £290 assessment fee payable at the time of application. If you are required to resubmit, there is an additional charge of £30-40 per section (maximum 3 sections). Fees can be paid online or by cheque and are non-refundable.