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Planning Policy in Yorkshire

RTPI Yorkshire Policy Forum

Policy Forum launch


A regional Policy Forum was set up in 2016.   

Left: Members of the Policy Forum being addressed by Joe Kilroy of the RTPI's Better Planning initiative

Read the Launch report (pdf)

Latest Consultations

Visit the RTPI Consultations website for details of current consultations.

Previous RTPI Policy Papers

Where should we build new homes? RTPI Policy Statement on identifying new housing development opportunities

Over the course of the summer of 2016 the RTPI Policy team consulted members across the RTPI regions and nations on the matter of housing land for the future. The aim was to help focus RTPI policy on related matters in order to provide a clear public voice which reflects the views of its membership.

In conjunction with an online survey, these issues have been discussed at round-table events within regions and nations. The results of both exercercises form the basis for this policy statement

Poverty, Place and Inequality

Why place-based approaches are key to tackling poverty and inequality 

This is one of the RTPI's series of policy papers that advance the Institute's thinking on better planning in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

In the report, we argue that many national and local policies are failing to reduce poverty because they are ignoring how well planned local environments with good services and transport can help lift people out of poverty. We set out the problems the UK, and especially England, is facing:  

  • national welfare policies have put too much emphasis on addressing individual factors behind poverty, such as low skills and poor education, and not enough attention to improving places;  
  • local policies do not tackle physical and social deprivation enough as an integral part of housing and growth initiatives. 

 "Many of the root causes of deprivation and social inequality are bound up in the poor quality of neighbourhoods – places that have no employment and lack community amenities, are poorly connected or simply run down. Good planning is the one tool in our hands that can make places increase people's opportunities and help lift them from poverty. Devolution in the UK is giving  local authorities and new mayors the opportunity to adopt a more holistic approach to planning and improve the places that people live in. From putting housing in the right location to designing better bus services, we'd like to see planning at city, county and regional levels tackle physical and social deprivation more directly as a core part of housing delivery and growth deals, supported by social services that address local needs." (Trudi Elliott, RTPI Chief Executive)  

Case studies included in the report show what can be achieved when 'place poverty' is taken seriously, for example by maintaining and adding social housing and providing better community facilities. The Gorbals and the Central Govan Plan regeneration initiatives in Glasgow, and the Ocean Estate in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, show how improving places can help increase employment and reduce the welfare bill.

Strategic Planning

This paper, published in January 2015, written together with the Policy Practice and Research Committee members, focuses on strengthening strategic planning. The paper was developed through stakeholder workshops and background research into all five nations to see how we can respond to the challenge of marrying local concerns and wider issues across city-regions and other areas.

RTPI Yorkshire hosted a roundtable discussion on 4 March 2014 to help contribute to this policy paper. Read the notes from the meeting (pdf).

Fostering Growth: understanding and strengthening the economic benefits of planning 

The RTPI has published a policy paper on strengthening the economic benefits of planning. The paper investigates what is and is not working within the planning system to achieve economic growth and to identify ways in which planners can more effectively facilitate growth whether that involves additional skills, increased resources or other means.

Planning is sometimes cited as a barrier to growth, but evidence supporting this claim is scarce. Where planning is having a positive impact on growth it should be pointed out. When planning is not having a positive impact on growth it should be determined whether it is responding to other important needs, such as social or environmental concerns, or whether the system can be improved upon.

The RTPI Yorkshire Region hosted a roundtable discussion on 14 January 2014 to contribute to the report.

Transport Infrastructure Investment

The centrality of infrastructure to ensuring successful growth and development for places is well understood. However, the RTPI is concerned that too often infrastructure planning is isolated from wider development planning.

With this in mind, the RTPI has produced a policy paper to try and outline the best and worst case examples of infrastructure planning in relation to its role as a facilitator of development, and detail what lessons can be learnt for the future.

We held a roundtable discusison in the Yorkshire Region on 21 October 2013. Read our report (pdf)

The purpose of the roundtable discussions, which have been held at venues across the UK, in conjunction with an online consultation, was to accumulate the experiences and knowledge of this key issue from planners, transport professionals, academics, and policy and business analysts working in this sector. In particular, we were interested in specific examples, for use as case studies, of where infrastructure provision, (or lack of it) have assisted (or constrained) wider development (e.g. transport infrastructure unlocking economic assets, land for housing and the overall benefits of improved connectivity).

Large scale housing development

The first policy paper was published in September 2013 and particularly looked at large scale housing developments in the UK. The report, entitled 'Delivering Large Scale Housing: Unlocking Schemes and Sites to Help Meet the UK's Housing Needs', was developed around six roundtables that were held in England and Scotland, as well as a call for evidence.

Further information about the RTPI's published Policy Papers

Further information about the RTPI's Policy work