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Planning ahead to provide a quality home for everyone who needs one

"Planning policy is a lynchpin in ensuring the delivery and retention of new affordable homes" Shelter

The places where people live and work have a direct impact on them, with access to jobs, green space, public transport and amenities like shops and healthcare all affecting their opportunities and outcomes. Good planning works with other sectors to make sure that new homes are provided alongside such services, sowing the seeds for new communities to flourish. Planning helps to meet the demand for a variety of new housing types whilst providing for the needs of residents.

Crown Street, Glasgow

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'The Crown Street area is an excellent example of the role town planning can play in making good places...One of the key lessons from Crown Street is the value of having a strong vision of the place you want to create.' (Scotland's Best Places, 2014).

This regeneration success story is the result of long-term, collaborative master planning. Provision of well-designed, good quality affordable homes accompanied by much needed services has seen improved opportunities and outcomes for residents.

Based on some of Glasgow's most 'successful' places, a new, positive urban space for residents was planned after decades of housing failures. It focused on developing a mix of housing types, along with a new shopping street, space for small businesses and a new park. Together, these have helped to meet the area's social, economic and environmental needs. 

Because the land being redeveloped was owned by the Crown Street Regeneration Project, they were able to require that interested developers met the plan's design and function demands. Boring spaces, closed-off car parking and out of proportion buildings were all ruled out: instead there is a welcoming street environment, greenery and a variety of housing options – all built to last.

As well as improved housing provision this approach saw growth redistributed, with inequalities of outcome among the community reduced. Unemployment in Gorbals fell 31% between 2004 and 2012: a rate much faster than the Glasgow average of 16% during this time period.

It was the work of planners in collaboration with other services and professionals which saw these benefits realised. This award-winning place shows how good planning provides a platform for delivering different national strategies, including the delivery of more housing that meets people's needs.

We are asking MSPs to make sure the a new Planning Act will result in a strengthened National Planning Framework which considers infrastructure and housing together, to support the delivery of much needed housing.