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Policy in Wales

The Institute in Wales responds to a range of consultations conducted by the Welsh Government, the National Assembly for Wales' Committees and other national bodies, and produces position papers on policy issues relevant to Wales, as well as considering UK proposals from a Wales' perspective.

The RTPI Cymru responses and policy work is the responsibility of its Policy and Research Forum, supported by the Director and Policy Officer.

Policy and Research Forum

The Policy and Research Forum is a sub-forum of the RTPI Cymru Management Board and leads on RTPI Cymru policy, practice and research activities. The Forum is formed for a three year period.   

Current policy consultations

RTPI Cymru is asked to comment on various consultations documents. Members' views on current consultations are always welcome and should be submitted by e-mail to the Policy Team, or by post to the RTPI Cymru Office.

The Forum is currently considering the following consultations, if you would like to provide comments for the Forum to consider please e-mail.  The deadline for responding to RTPI Cymru is given against each consultation, with a hyperlink to the consultation document.

Petroleum Extraction Policy in Wales
This consultation seeks your views on the draft policy towards petroleum extraction in Wales and on the evidence that has informed the draft policy.  This consultation closes on the 25 September 2018.

Subordinate Legislation Consolidation and Review
The consultation proposes to consolidate the UCO and GPDO to streamline the planning legislation for small and low impact developments.  The closing date for responses is 28 September 2018.

Noise and Soundscape Action Plan 2018-2023
This consultation is on the draft 2018 plan.  This consultation closes on the 3 October 2018.

A Low Carbon Pathway for Wales
This consultation presents initial thoughts on how we might reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% between now and 2030.  This consultation closes on the 4 October 2018

Delivery of Housing through the Planning System
This consultation will explore ways for the planning system to assist in increasing the delivery of new homes in sustainable locations.  This consultation closes on the 10 October 2018

Recent Policy Responses

RTPI Cymru's response to consultations made during 2017 can be found below; responses made in previous years can be found by following the links to the left.

Complusory Purchase

National Assembly for Wales Inquiry.

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Affordable Housing Supply Review - Call for Evidence

The purpose of the review was to examine arrangements supporting the development of affordable housing and to make recommendations for changes designed to increase supply and improve delivery from the resources available. 

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

National Development Framework: Issues, options and preferred option

This consultation focused on the Issues, Options and Preferred Option for the NDF. 

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

TAN1: The Dis-application of Para 6.2

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Strengthening Local Government: Delivering for People

This green paper set out ambitions for local government.  It seeks views on a potential policy to create larger local authorities and options for implementation, the roles of elected members and powers and flexibilities. 

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

National Assembly for Wales Inquiry: UK common frameworks on agriculture and environment

The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee carryied out an inquiry into common UK frameworks required in the absence of EU law when we leave the EU. 

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Planning Policy Wales Edition 10

This consultation sought views on revisions to Planning Policy Wales (PPW) in light of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.  PPW was restructured into policy themes around the Well-being Goals and policy updated to reflect new Welsh Government strategies and policies. 

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Inquiry into preparations for replacing EU funding for Wales

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

The consultation focused on geological disposal facilities (GDF) and stated "A GDF will only be built in Wales if a community is willing to host it.  We are consulting on: arrangements for engaging with communities which may wish to enter discussions, how the boundaries of the potential host community might be defined, how community investment funding should be distributed, access by a community in discussions to independent third party expert views, how and when a community's right to withdraw from discussions should operate and how and when to test  public support to ensure that a community is willing to host a GDF". 

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Draft Welsh National Marine Plan

This is the first marine plan for Welsh seas.  It covers the inshore and offshore marine plan areas for which Welsh Ministers are the marine planning authority.  

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Law Commission: Planning Law in Wales

The Law Commission launched their consultation at the end of 2017 which aimed to review the possibility of simplifying and consolidating planning law as it applies in Wales, and in particular to make proposals for technical reforms.  

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Implementation of Sustainable Drainage Systems on New Developments - Draft regulations and National Standards

This consultation sought views on the proposed regulations and orders which provide the detail of how the SuDS approval process will work. 

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Inquiry into The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013

The National Assembly for Wales' Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee undertook an inquiry into The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013. 

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.

Welsh Language Bill White Paper

The White Paper set out proposals relating to the arrangements to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language.

RTPI Cymru's response can be downloaded here.


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