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Open research tenders


When we are commissioning new research open invitations to tender will be listed here. If you have any questions about our commissioned research please email

Open invitations to tender

This is an Invitation to tender to produce the evidence base for a business case for digitising the Scottish town and country planning system. This research is being 100% funded by the Scottish Government and more information can be found in the ITT document located here. The deadline for applications is on the 30th March at 9AM. Any further information about the project will be added to the project page here.

For enquiries, please contact:

Oliver Charlton

Policy and Networks Adviser, RTPI

Tel: 020 7929 9414



  • Reference is made in the ITT to  previous research by the Scottish Government into the ‘micro picture’.  This information is not part of the ITT Could you provide a copy of this information please?
    • This information source is not currently publically available but we are able to share the relevant section for those who have asked for the information. Please email if you wish to be sent the relevant section


  • What are the proposed business terms for this ITT?
    • We will be issuing a standard work contract upon reward of the tender to the identified bidder, with explicit reference to the Scottish Government’s ownership to such work. Please email if you would like to see a draft version of our research contracts.

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