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Planning Aid England has over 200 volunteers who have a variety of reasons for volunteering. These range from broadening professional experience and gaining new skills to widening the reach of planning and giving something back to the local community.

Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering for PAE can be beneficial and rewarding at every stage of your planning career. Volunteering can:

  • Count towards Continuing Professional Development
  • Give insights into new areas of planning activity
  • Broaden experience of how other local authorities and / or sectors operate
  • Widen professional networks
  • Provide valuable experience of community consultation and capacity-building
  • Refresh interest and opens up new opportunities
  • Give access to low-cost, relevant training
  • Allow planners who have retired, taken a career break, or work outside mainstream planning to keep up-to-date with planning issues
  • Give newly qualified planners opportunities to broaden their experience
  • Develop ‘people skills’
  • Give something back to the wider community
  • Help improve links between the general public and the planning system
  • Be rewarding and enjoyable!

What our volunteers say: 

Volunteering for PAE is a brilliant opportunity and great learning experience!  I have been able to engage local people in the town planning process and, in working alongside experienced planners, I have learned a lot about applying planning theory in practise and potential career paths (Planning Student)
I volunteer for PAE principally to help people, and because I think it is important to promote our sector and reach out to all. Volunteering for PAE is also an objective of my CPD (Chartered Planner)
Volunteering for PAE has been fundamental for me to start understanding the UK Planning system and get into the job market (International Planner recently relocated to London)
Since retirement, I have continued to volunteer for PAE so that I can extend my involvement with the profession and help more people in their engagement with the world of planning (Retired Chartered Planner)