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What can I do as a volunteer?

In order to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities we need a range of volunteers with different skill sets, interests and expertise. 

Our volunteer roles are evolving constantly to reflect volunteer feedback, the needs of those we help, and changes in the planning system.
To ensure we offer the best service and for professional indemnity reasons, only Chartered members of the RTPI can give professional planning advice on behalf of PAE. However, there are many other interesting and fulfilling ways to help support PAE which either do not include giving specific professional planning advice, or involve providing advice under the supervision of a Chartered volunteer.

The current volunteer opportunities we offer fit into the following categories:

• Providing planning advice via email as part of our volunteer-led email advice service (MRTPI required)
• Casework (MRTPI required)
• Writing and reviewing online resources and guidance
• Consultation and community engagement in deprived areas (e.g. supporting local plan consultations)
• Supporting neighbourhood / community planning activity in deprived areas

In addition to these categories, there may also be opportunity to oversee less experienced volunteers where opportunities arise (e.g. at a community consultation event) and to promote Planning Aid England services.