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The Docs, A busy GP practice in central Manchester, were seeking to extend their surgery building to be able to accommodate an ever-increasing demand for their services.  Our volunteer, Alexis, works in the area and is familiar with local planning policies.  He took the opportunity to provide some planning support to the surgery in his capacity as a volunteer. 

 “The Surgery is under increasing pressure to accept thousands of new patients over the next few years.  They already have limited space and could not afford to relocate.  I therefore provided my advice with regard to the design of the proposals and, following receipt of amended drawings, subsequently produced a Planning Statement to assist with validation of the planning application (a sticking point as the application in its state would not have been valid). The application untimately received planning consent and works are now commencing to increase capacity of the Surgery which has been a support hub for not only a vast population of the City Centre of Manchester, but also Manchester’s world famous Gay Village and its community.”  Alexis, Planning Aid England Volunteer

“We received help from Alexis in producing our Planning Statement with the support of Planning Aid England. He collected the information he needed from us and produced an excellent statement which was submitted with our planning application. He took the stress and strain out of this process, made it hassle free and was a great help. Thank you.“  Dr S Wilkins, The Docs, Manchester.    Image: The Local Data Company