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Planning Aid England runs a free email advice service for the general public. In some circumstances we can provide more detailed support for individuals and communities, subject to certain criteria.

The criteria we use to decide if you are eligible for this are set out in the document linked below:

Eligibility Criteria

The criteria provide a general guide however we do reserve the right to decline to give advice, or limit the advice or support we offer.

If an individual or group representative has contacted the email advice line and is eligible for further bespoke support, the case is passed to one of our chartered casework volunteers who have the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to assist.

The cases we have assisted with have been very diverse and ranged from:

  • Explaining the appeals process to residents in Kenton, Newcastle Upon Tyne in order to empower them to take part in the appeal for a proposed fast food restaurant.
  • Assisting an elderly client understand development proposals for the demolition of a garage complex and erection of four semi-detached dwellings.
  • Assisting a vulnerable individual understand an enforcement notice for the erection of an outbuilding without obtaining the necessary planning permission.
  • Assisting a gypsy and traveller family apply for planning permission for a number of pitches.

The advice and support we provide is greatly valued by those we assist and we have received the following feedback:

"Despite very short notice, your support & help was very useful. Your volunteer was able to provide assistance over the phone as well as make some additional comments which help with my group's representation to the Local Authority."

"Very responsive, professional and provided me with information which will help me to submit an objection to a planning application. … well done. You provide a great service."

If you think you are eligible for further support please contact

Please note that we do not provide free planning advice to other built environment professionals or to organisations who can afford to employ professionals.

If you are not eligible for further support, you may find it helpful to use the RTPI Directory of Planning Consultants to find a professional planner in your area.