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Planning Aid England:

PLEASE NOTE: Planning Aid England does not provide planning advice via telephone or via [email protected]. All requests for planning advice should be directed to our email advice service which is accessible via

Planning Aid England enjoys coverage throughout England. Planning Aid for Scotland, Planning Aid Wales and Planning Aid for London exist as separate charities delivering services in Scotland, Wales and the capital respectively.  In Northern Ireland the not-for-profit organisation Community Places provides free planning advice. 

Planning Aid Scotland:

Tel: 0131 220 9730 or 0300 323 7602 (Helpline)

Planning Aid Wales:

Tel: 02920 625000

Planning Aid for London:

Tel: 030 0772 9808

Planning Aid for London provides free support on town planning and development for people and communities in London who cannot afford professional support.

Community Places (Northern Ireland)

Tel: 028 9023 9444 (planning advice)