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Refund policy

We make refunds by cheque, BACS transfer, or to your credit or debit card (where possible). Refunds are always made to you unless you specify otherwise.


We will only refund your subscription:

  • For overpayment - £20 or less will be carried over and offset against the following year's subscription unless your refund is more than the next year's subscription
  • You can show that the payment was made in error
  • If a member passes away and the estate requests a pro-rata subscription refund
  • We agreed to the refund after an appeal

We will not refund any subscription you paid for the same year you resigned from your membership.


We will only refund administration fee or subscription arrears if you:

  • Overpaid

Planning theory and practice

We provide four issues for Planning Theory and Practice each year. We will refund for any issues we have not yet released.

RTPI Trust donations

We can only refund donations to the RTPI Trust if:

  • The donor can show that the donation was made in error
  • We agreed to make the refund after an appeal

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