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Eleanor Newington

Planning Officer, Devon County Council

I joined Devon County Council in 2008 as a full-time Planning Graduate Trainee.  The established scheme enabled me to spend a series of six month placements working in different teams involved in the planning process.  In addition, I was sponsored to complete a MA in Town and Country Planning part-time at the Universiry of the West of England.

Eleanor NewingtonFollowing completion of the taught component of my Masters course I was appointed to the post of Assistant Planning Officer, based in the Strategic Planning Team. This team is responsible for contributing County information into emerging planning policy and preparing minerals & waste policy documents. Since 2011 I have been a Planning Officer, working on a range of projects. The key work streams I am involved in currently include preparing formal responses on behalf of the County Council for planning policy consultations, infrastructure planning for County Council services and the production of the emerging Devon Minerals Plan.

The assessors said, "Eleanor's written statement very clearly draws out all of the competencies, and each example is well developed and thought through. There is also excellent cross-referencing to the comprehensive log book. It is clear that she has developed a broad range of spatial planning experience, and has taken time to prepare a superb written statement that evidences how they are eligible to become a Chartered Member. This written statement provides an excellent example of the standard that Licentiates should aspire to, and we think this Licentiate would be fully deserving of commendation."

Eleanor's tips for new candidates are:

  • Using footnotes proved an effective way of illustrating links between my submission and my logbook (simply providing page numbers and dates)
  •  In selecting the case studies detailed in my PCS, I thought of a handful of projects with which I had been involved recently.  I noted agains each assessment criteria when a component of a project clearly linked.  Following completion of this short exercise it then became apparent which case studies included components covering all the criteria needing to be addressed.


Please note: To stay fit for purpose, L-APC requirements do change over time. For the most up to date advice please always refer to the L-APC Guidance on the Licenitate APC webpage. Candidate details provided here are current at time of L-APC submission in 2012.