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PERN Bulletin 14/2011

Planning Theory and Practice

Issue 3 of Planning Theory and Practice is available online, and includes articles on healthy urban planning in Norway, as well as a piece on skills, conflict and spatial planning in Northern Ireland. RTPI members can subscribe for 33, saving over 100 per year.

Cities and climate change

A series of case studies have been produced for the Global Report on Human Settlements 2011 which provides an up to date assessment of global urban conditions. One of the case studies looks at cities and climate change adaptation in London, and concludes with five lessons from London on adaptation.

Managing natural resources the role of protected landscapes

A note produced by the Rural Economy Land Use Programme (RELU) highlights how protected landscapes such as National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty could have a more strategic role in the sustainable management of natural resources. Read the paper.

Connected Communities Programme call for proposals

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) are commissioning two research projects in community engagement and mobilisation under the Connected Communities Programme. Applications should be submitted by 4pm on 14 December 2011. Find out more.

City visions 1910-2010

Cliff Hagues recent blog on city visions highlights an exhibition currently on at the Lighthouse in Glasgow (running until 26 November 2011). The display focuses on Berlin, Chicago, London and Paris and celebrates the centenary of the General Town Planning Exhibition in Berlin in 1910. It looks at ideas and projects from 100 years ago and places them alongside current work shaping these cities today. Read Cliff's take on the exhibition.

Urban regeneration courses request for information

John Tzovaris, a member of the RTPIs Urban Design Network, holds degrees in architecture and urban design and has twenty years experience working in urban planning and design. He is looking to pursue studies in urban regeneration, and is hoping to find a course that doesnt require travel abroad; is provided by an accredited university; is oriented towards professionals with considerable background; and is of reasonable cost. If you can help with this request, please email

Calls for papers

Child in the city

Papers are welcomed for the Child in the City 2012 conference which takes place in Zagreb, Croatia, from 26-28 September 2012. The main themes of the conference are health, play, childrens rights and intergenerational interaction and abstracts should be submitted by 27 January 2012. Find out more.

Healthy cities 2012

The 5th Healthy Cities Conference is being held in Geelong, Australia from 6-8 June 2012. The event will act as a platform for government and industry professionals to discuss causes, effects and solutions that relate to issues including population health, sustainability, natural resource management and climate change. Papers are invited on a number of themes, such as healthy urban design and creating regional cities. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 2 March 2012.

Other publications

Reimagining garden cities for the 21st century

Todays housing challenge is exacerbated by the current financial crisis, the pressure of climate change and the ageing population. A report by the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) considers the lessons learned from Garden Cities and New Towns in developing new, large-scale communities. It suggests that we need to rediscover and re-imagine the high-quality, collaborative and pioneering spirit of the Garden Cities for the 21st century. Read the report.

Rethinking the city

In his recent book, Rethinking the City Vincent Kaufmann assesses the urban implications of the changes to the ease and accessibility of travel. He explores what the mobility turn means for city governability and governance, and seeks to identify how the motility of individuals, goods and information acts as the organising principle of contemporary urban change.

Is localism delivering for climate change?

The Green Alliance has produced a report which asks whether local authorities are still working with climate change in mind. A survey of local authorities found that 37% are de-prioritising climate change, or state that it was never a priority while 35% remain strong in their commitment to climate change and believe action could increase in light of localism.

Other events

ESRC open meeting

The Economic and Social Research Council(ESRC) is holding an open meeting in London on 6 December 2011. The meeting will allow members of the public and social science community to discuss their views on current research priorities. For more information, and to register to attend, please email

Neighbourhood planning in the Big Society

The last in the 2011 RTPI Yorkshire conference series takes place in Sheffield on 8 December 2011. The event will explore the implications of the Big Society on neighbourhood level planning decisions and examine current best practice in neighbourhood planning. Book a place online.

Big Society a critical reappraisal

The ESRC and Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC) are organising a joint seminar which will review the impact of Big Society politics and policies eighteen months on from the 2010 election. The event is being held in London on 12 December 2011 and will focus on the implications for third sector organisations and the state. The event is free but youll need to register to attend.

Values and climate change behaviours

As part of their Climate Change Behaviours Research Programme, the Scottish Government is holding a conference in Edinburgh on 14 December 2011 to consider the values in influencing sustainable behaviours. There will be an opportunity to choose from 15 presentations, looking at values through lenses such as community, food, energy systems and farm/woodland management. The event is strictly limited to 100 places, so please contact Paul Tyrer to reserve your space.

Social dimensions of climate change

The British Sociological Association Climate Change Study Group is holding a discussion event on the social dimensions of climate change. The event is being held in London on 16 January 2012 and will involve contributions from three leading academics on the subject. Professors Mike Hulme, John Urry and Gordon Walker will draw on ideas from their most recent books and discuss them with participants. Register online to attend.

Coastal futures 2012 review and future trends

This conference aims to bring together stakeholders and industry leaders to discuss coastal and marine issues including inter-coastal zone management delivery and marine spatial planning. The conference takes place in London from 18-19 January 2012. Book a place online.

Achieving more with less in rural and urban landscapes

The Natural Connections Conference 2012, being held in London on 2 February 2012, intends to promote cooperation and collaboration to achieve more with less, creating urban and rural landscapes that benefit people, places and wildlife. The programme and booking formare available online.

Planet under pressure 2012

The planet under pressure conference will provide a comprehensive update of our knowledge of the Earth system and the pressure our planet is now under. It will focus on issues of climate, ecological degradation, human well-being, food security and governance across scales. The conference will look at providing solutions to move societies on to a sustainable pathway. The event takes place in London from 26-29 March 2012. Register before 20 January 2012 for the earlybird rate.