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PERN Bulletin 11/2011

Planning for growth what can we learn from Europe?

The UK ESPON Contact Point is holding a conference in London on 30 September 2011 which will bring together policy-makers, practitioners and researchers to discuss how planning can enable growth, and how outputs from the ESPON Programme can be used to support planning and inform decision-making.

The draft programme is now available on the conference web page along with background reading and related links. If you would like to attend, please complete and return the registration form by 19 September 2011.

Lessons in community planning

Cliff Hague's recent blog on community planning considers examples given by Phil Heywood in his new book Community planning: Integrating Social and Physical Environments. Heywood outlines some of the achievements of community planning in the Australian context, and Cliffs blog draws links between these and the localism debate in England.

Sustainable uplands learning to manage future change

The Sustainable Uplands project aims to anticipate, monitor and sustainably manage rural change in the UK uplands. It has considered how the uplands might change under future social, economic and environmental conditions and has developed a number of practical solutions to help cope with these changes. The projects latest newsletter is now online, as well as recent briefing papers on effective participatory decision-making and peatland restoration.

Neighbourhood planning and local infrastructure research call for information

Swindon Borough Council hassecured funding from ADEPT to carry out a research project into Neighbourhood Planning and Local Infrastructure. The purpose of the work is to investigate the conception and evolution of neighbourhood planning and to recognise the key stakeholders involved, the roles that they play, the resources required and the issues, problems and successes that have been experienced. The research will be focused predominantly on the current Neighbourhood Vanguards or Front Runners and will take a qualitative viewof progress,consideringhuman interactions and using learning histories and case studies to highlight success stories and reflect on where improvements could have been made.

Researchers on the project would be interested to know about any similar studies going on. Please email Rob OCarroll at if you can help or are interested in the research.

Calls for papers

Sustainability issues in the built environment

Papers are invited for the Green6 International Conference being held in Cambridge from 3-6 July 2012. The conference will consider sustainability issues in the built environment and construction materials technology, and will cover themes such as sustainable waste management, eco-friendly construction methods and the influence of climate change. Abstracts should be submitted by 30 September 2011. Have a look at the conference flyer.

Other publications

Researching sustainability

A new book published by Earthscan and edited by Alex Franklin and Paul Blyton guides students and practitioners through the challenges of conducting interdisciplinary research on sustainability. 'Researching sustainability' includes real-life examples of research projects, social science based research methods and advice on disseminating findings.

Climate change behaviours

The Scottish Governments web pages on the Climate Change Behaviours Research Programme have been updated with their latest research and publications. Their most recent report is a review of the Climate Challenge Fund which investigated the impacts and success of twenty-one community projects across Scotland aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Read the full report.

Suburban neighbourhood adaption for a changing climate

The SNACC project is focused on answering the question: how can existing suburban neighbourhoods be best adapted to reduce further impacts of climate change? Research considers adaptation of the built environment at the local and larger neighbourhood scales through urban re-design. The latest edition of the project newsletter is now online.

International dimensions of climate change

The Foresight project International Dimensions of Climate Change has looked at how the UK is likely to be affected by global climate change over the next thirty years, and beyond. The projects findings have recently been published, and the report can be read online. The report provides an overview of the evidence of threats and opportunities to the UK from international climate change, and suggests ways in which policy-makers can ensure that the UK remains competitive and secure.

Adaptation and resilience to a changing climate

The Adaptation and resilience to a changing climate Coordination Network (ACN) exists to enhance the development and dissemination of research on the impacts of a changing climate within the built environment, and the latest newsletter is available. This edition highlights new ACN projects focused on the UK energy sector, project updates and news from the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium.

Other events

Migration and mobility in Wales

A one-day workshop is being held at the University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, on 14 September 2011. It will reflect on issues such as labour migration and migrant workers, the impacts of migration on communities in Wales and the use of language in relation to migration and mobility. Find out more on the workshop web page.

The connected university the promise and the practise

This lecture, given by Professor John Goddard, will outline the contributions universities can make to the economic, social, cultural and sustainable development of places by connecting with civil society. It takes place in Cardiff on 20 September 2011 from 5-8pm. Register online to attend.

Eco-city innovation

The second event in the ESRCs research seminar series on the governance of eco-city innovation is being held in London on 11 October 2011. The seminar will consider how eco-city developments can be integrated spatially into existing social and geographic contexts, and how lifestyles of those living in such developments can fulfil the political and planning aspirations. View the seminar programme.

Sustainable Communities 2011

Sustainable Communities third annual conferenceis focused on local growth, local futures. The event will provide an opportunity to hear those at the forefront of policy making and debate future priorities for local government, local business, communities and neighbourhoods. The conference is being held in London on 2 November 2011. View the programme.

Sustainable Scotland Networks annual conference

This conference will focus on aligning public, private and community action to achieve Scotlands sustainable development and climate change objectives. Sessions will consider local leadership and approaches to unlock Scotlands potential. The conference takes place in Edinburgh on 10 November 2011. Have a look at the event websitefor more details and registration information.

Integrating river corridor development

The URSULA conference 2011 is being held in Sheffield from 17-18 November 2011. This final project conference will present findings from the four-year project, and outline the River Don as a case study to demonstrate issues such as analysing patterns of biodiversity; exploring the impact of alternative urban designs on costs and values; and understanding how people influence river corridor development. More information is available in the conference brochure.