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DeliveringLargeScaleHousingPracticeAdvice2019CoverDelivering Large Scale Housing (February 2019) This practice advice provides an introduction to some of the main issues involved in delivering large scale housing developments, providing the tools, experience and best practice examples. It  is based on learning from research carried out in the South West of England, and also includes case studies and key policy from the rest of the UK.



Planners Guide to Community Led Housing coverA Planners Guide to Community Led Housing (June 2019) The RTPI has supported the publication of this guide by Jo Lavis, MRTPI and Community First Yorkshire. The guide provides planners who work in England with the knowledge and confidence to devise policies and adopt development management practice that supports the delivery of community led housing.


CymruRuralExceptionSites2019CoverRural Housing Delivery in Wales: How Effective is Rural Exception Site Policy (January 2019) Welsh Government have identified the need to build 20,000 new affordable homes. Rural areas face particular problems in delivering affordable housing partly due to the scale of operation. RTPI Cymru identified the need to examine the effectiveness of the Rural Exception Site Policy for delivering affordable homes in rural areas in Wales.



Planning Risk and Development: How greater planning certainty would affect residential development (April 2018) Qualitative research into the widely held assumption that planning risk is a key contributor to sluggish housing supply. It found that moving towards permission in plan (e.g. zoning) is not a silver bullet solution to speeding up housing supply. Conducted by the Bartlett School of Planning and London School of Economics.

Local authority direct provision of housing in England (December 2017) this joint NPF/ RTPI commissioned research identifies the practical ways in which local authorities in England are engaging in the direct provision of housing in their areas. The full report is now available.

The deliverability and affordability of housing in the South West of England (October 2017) commissioned by RTPI SW this research expands understanding about how planning can deliver affordable housing, through an examination and comparison of six recent large-scale housing developments. A full report and summary briefing are available.

Better Planning for Housing Affordability (February 2017) this position paper sets out why better planning is the solution to the housing crisis in relation to the England Housing White Paper.

New homes coverWhere should we build new homes? (November 2016) RTPI policy statement on identifying new housing development opportunities. It supports our 16 ways to address the housing crisis campaign.


The Location of Development (March 2016) Major project which analyses the location and scale of recent planning permissions for housing in twelve English city-regions. This study was conducted by Bilfinger GVA, and represents a first step towards better understanding the changing spatial relationships between housing, jobs and infrastructure. The overarching report and detailed maps are available, along with detailed reports for the South-West, South-East of England focusing on planning permissions for 19,000 houses in Oxford and Brighton, and on two cities in the North West, Blackburn and Warrington.

The Process for Developing Robust Housing Evidence for Local Development Plans in Wales (January 2016) RTPI Cymru commissioned a research study by the School of Planning and Geography Cardiff University to consider the process for developing robust housing projections for Local Development Plans in Wales. The full report is available here, along with a research briefing.


A manual demographic forcasting WalesA manual of integrated demographic forecasting for local planning in Wales (April 2017) provides local planning authorities with the skills for investigating housing projection data to develop robust Local Development Plans in Wales. It is based on research by the School of Planning and Geography, Cardiff University and extensive training for LPA's.



Urban Form and Sustainability (March 2015) This research briefing provides initial information and evidence on the links between urban form and sustainable outcomes. It looks at sustainability through a spatial perspective, i.e. the location of new housing developments and physical and social infrastructure.


Cover _imageBuilding on the Greenbelt? A Report into Commuting in the Metropolitan Greenbelt (August 2015) Analysis which finds that adding 1 million homes near railway stations in London's Metropolitan green belt could see 3.9-7.5 million car journeys each week added to roads which are already struggling with congestion and delays.


Planning for Housing in England: Understanding recent changes in household formation rates and their implications for planning (2014) Research conducted for the RTPI by Neil McDonald and Peter Williams from the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research, University of Cambridge, suggests how planners and others might respond to issues in the latest household projections for England. The final report, research briefing and accompanying analysis tool for local authorities are available.

Delivering Large Scale Housing Paper CoverDelivering Large Scale Housing: Unlocking Schemes and Sites to Meet the UK's Housing Needs (2013) Focuses on practical recommendations to show that the housing crisis is not an impossible situation. The recommendations focus on five key topics – community engagement, land, infrastructure, finance, and leadership and governance – as these touch on the most frequently cited issues for large development schemes.