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Grotton Papers 40th Anniversary

Forty Years on – Grotton Papers online now

Grotton ColourAmong the major landmarks in the history of this great profession, one stands out. Never mind Letchworth, Abercrombie's plans, the Green Belt, the Walkie Talkie (well, definitely not that), and that appeal decision in Grotton's famed Mildred Avenue  Conservation Area.

Forget Milton Keynes, the Buchanan Report, Parker Morris, that Statutory Instrument about graveyards, or  the Government's latest attempt to avoid dealing with the housing crisis. It was The Grotton Papers which changed the course of planning for a generation; which shifted the Paradigm; and which (some would argue) made John Prescott possible.

And, since it was published in 1979, our calculations suggest that this year marks its fortieth anniversary. And in order to celebrate this millstone the RTPI has placed the Grotton Papers on its website. This has been done in response to intense demand from several people, not just the authors (Steve Ankers, David Kaiserman and Chris Shepley), who have been unable to secure precious copies of this out-of-print oeuvre. It enables everyone in the world to read, laugh, learn and flourish in response to its wit, intelligence and remarkableness  – and to rest assured that, if you think things are bad today....

Read and enjoy here.

The sequel, Grotton Revisited, is still available from the usual sources.