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New from the RTPI


FiveReasonsforClimateJusticeCoverFive reasons for climate justice in spatial planning (January 2020) Climate change represents an ethical challenge, as much as a scientific or technical one, which means policy makers must consider not only how and why levels of vulnerability to climate change vary but how their policies benefit or disadvantage particular groups. This position paper outlines the RTPI's viewpoint.



tweetingTelling the planning story: how to champion the planning profession through the press and social media (January 2020) This CPD module looks at how to work with communications colleauges to engage with the public, particularly through local press and social media. Endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Online CPD training takes 1 hour to complete. RTPI Learn account (free) required to access the course. 



ChidFriendlyPlanningintheUKaReview2019CoverChild friendly plannng in the UK: a review (November 2019) This project assesses the extent to which planning policies across the UK nations can be considered 'child-friendly' with relation to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.





LAHB Practice Advice CoverLocal authority direct provision of housing (November 2019) This practice advice note is for local authority planners who are supporting, or want to support local-authority led delivery. It outlines both how to pro-actively support delivery and how development management can best deal with scrutinising the local authority when it is the developer. 




BiodiversityinPlanning2019CoverBiodiversity in planning (November 2019) We have worked with the Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning to publish practice advice on the obligations and opportunities to promote biodiversity through the UK planning systems. It will equip readers with a solid foundation knowledge about the key challenges relating to biodiversity and the current national statutory duties and guidance that should be addressed through planning.



CountryGateIntroduction to Town Planning for mental health, neurological and spectrum conditions (October 2019) outlines the potential impacts of the built environment on mental wellbeing. Online CPD training takes 30 minutes to complete. RTPI Learn account (free) required to access the course.




ClimateChangeLegalPolicyBriefingPlanning for Climate Change: Law and Policy Briefing (September 2019) This 2-page briefing provides a concise summary of the law, policy and guidance which enables and requires planning authorities to take action on climate change through their plans.





Front CoverA Smarter Approach to Infrastructure Planning (September 2019) This report examines how infrastructure is funded, governed and delivered in city-regions and counties. Drawing on extensive in-depth research, it reveals the challenges that are faced by planners, infrastructure providers and local leaders when trying to coordinate infrastructure with growth, and sets out actions which can enable a more joined-up approach.



CIHTreportcoverBetter planning, better transport, better places (August 2019) The RTPI helped to develop this advice from CIHT, which provides practical advice on how to integrate sustainable transport into the planning and development maangement process.





Smart _energy -future _cover

Planning for a Smart Energy Future (July 2019) This report highlights the lack of attention given to 'smart energy' in national planning policy and guidance and the gap between what happens on the ground and the opportunities offered by smart energy. It makes recommendations for the Government and planners. The report was commissioned by RTPI South West.




Planners Guide to Community Led Housing coverA Planners Guide to Community Led Housing (June 2019) The RTPI has supported the publication of this guide by Jo Lavis, MRTPI and Community First Yorkshire. The guide provides planners who work in England with the knowledge and confidence to devise policies and adopt development management practice that supports the delivery of community led housing.


Phase 2 CoverLocal Authority Direct Delivery of Housing: 2019 Continuation Research (June 2019) Summarises research on local authority direct delivery of housing. It reports the headline findings as well as summarising the conclusions and recommendations that emerged from the research. The research has identified at least 9,000 homes directly created by local authorities in England in 2017-2018. Much of this delivered through companies wholly or jointly owned by councils, with 78% of local authorities now owning a housing or property company.


Chief Planning Officers

Chief Planning Officers Report 2 (June 2019) Researches why it matters that there are planners at the top table. We conducted 15 in depth interviews with a range of curent and past local government senior mangement staff. These were selected from a representative spread of RTPI regions and nations. We have used case studies to highlight the positive impacts where planning has been placed at the heart of corporate decision making in local authorities.



Planning Profession Cover Final

The Planning Profession in 2019 (June 2019) describes the make up of UK planning and compares it with other place professions and EU countries. How many planners are there? Where do they work? How diverse is the profession? All this and more in the report.





PlanPlanning And Design Quality Coverning and Design Quality (June 2019) This research paper explores the findings from the RTPI member design survey conducted in early 2019. This survey found that while the vast majority of planners wanted to engage more in design quality and place making, they consider that the current system makes this difficult.  




ReportcoverAmbitions for the North (May 2019) A spatial framework for people and places in the North of England. Part of a suite of strategies that make up a 'Great North Plan'. It recommends a more ambitious approach to strategic planning and governance across the North of England: promoting co-operation beyond traditional boundaries, helping cities, towns and rural areas develop sustainably, and ensuring that prosperity generated by the Northern Powerhouse is shared as widely as possible.


CLOCS CoverrPlanning for Construction Safety (March 2019) This practice advice outlines the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) Standard. It is a voluntary standard designed to ensure that construction related vehicles operate in the safest way with the smallest local impact. It provides a roadmap for planners to implement the CLOCS Standard into planning policy and permissions.



DeliveringLargeScaleHousingPracticeAdvice2019CoverDelivering Large Scale Housing (February 2019) This practice advice provides an introduction to some of the main issues involved in delivering large scale housing developments, providing the tools, experience and best practice examples. It  is based on learning from research carried out in the South West of England, and also includes case studies and key policy from the rest of the UK.




Research Programme 2019-2021CoverRTPI Research Programme: 2019-2021 (February 2019) At the heart of our research programme is an objective to strengthen a three way collaboration between planning professionals, academics and policy-makers to help each group learn from one another. Our new research programme defines our ethos and articulates our vision for the next three years. It covers: the objectives and principles guiding our research; the main topics we will investigate; and the projects we will work on in 2019.



AnAgendaforPlanningFrontCover2019An Agenda for Planning Research: Key Findings from the 2018 RTPI Member and Stakeholder Research Consultation (February 2019) During 2018 the RTPI surveyed our members and stakeholders to inform the RTPI research programme for 2019-21. We also wanted to contribute evidence to guide planning research more broadly. This report summarises some of the key findings of the consultation.





ClearingaPathFrontCover2019Clearing a Path between Planners, Planning Policy and Academics: Perspectives on the Challenges and Opportunities of Planning Research (February 2019) This position paper outlines how the findings of our research consultation can be a resource for the planning profession and help direct the research activities of practitioners, research institutes, academics, and funding bodies in the UK and abroad.




ServingthePublicInterest2019CoverServing the Public Interest? The Reorganisation of Planning Services in an Era of Reluctant Outsourcing (January 2019) An in-depth qualitative study based on focus groups of planning professionals. Respondents said many LPAs have adapted to resource pressures by being more efficient and business-like, but raised concern that planning is increasingly seen as a commercial, revenue-generating tool which could skew decision-making on applications.




Environment After Brexit Front CoverEnvironmental Planning after Brexit: Working with the Legacy of EU Environmental Directives (January 2019) This research identifies ways of improving the relationship between inherited EU environmental legislation and planning. It shows where there may be opportunities for enhancement or simplification, in the way that environmental standards are achieved, and especially whether there is duplication between environmental and planning regimes.




CymruRuralExceptionSites2019CoverRural Housing Delivery in Wales: How Effective is Rural Exception Site Policy (January 2019) Welsh Government have identified the need to build 20,000 new affordable homes. Rural areas face particular problems in delivering affordable housing partly due to the scale of operation. RTPI Cymru identified the need to examine the effectiveness of the Rural Exception Site Policy for delivering affordable homes in rural areas in Wales.




AchievingSustainableDrainage2019CoverAchieving Sustainable Drainage: A Review of Delivery by Local Lead Flood Authorites (2019) RTPI has supported the Landscape Institute and Construction Industry Council in this research to evaluate the effectiveness of SuDS delivery through the planning system in England. It found 96% of local authorities report that the quality of planning submissions for SuDS are either 'inadequate' or 'mixed'. It goes on the make recommendations for improvement.