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Infrastructure planning and economic development

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The Value of Planning

Latest in our extensive programme of research demonstrates how good planning can deliver sustainable economic growth and housing. It also suggests why in the UK we are not consistently realising the value of planning in practice, especially compared to parts of continental Europe.

Planning and Tech: Planning for the Growth of the Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Sectors

These sectors are among the main drivers of growth in Britain today. This report sets out recommendations on how to better capture the social benefits of technology growth, including collaborating with tech firms in urban regeneration projects and using firms' skills to address cities' infrastructural challenges.

Digital Economy and Town Planning

This practice advice supports our planning and tech paper. It shows what planners can do to ensure the right conditions are in place for the growth of the tech sector. It highlights the opportunities new technology offers for planning. RTPI Learn, our online training platform has two 30 minute training modules on this topic.

Location of Development

A major research programme to map and analyse recent planning permissions for housing across twelve city-regions in England. There are also three in-depth reports for the South West, South East and North West RTPI regions.

Blueprint for a Great North Plan

Presents the best ideas to emerge on developing a Great North Plan, sets out principles for how the plan should be developed, illustrates the different layers of planning required, and proposes next steps.

A Local Plan that Supports Growth and Looks Beyond Numbers

A guest blog from Uyen-Phan Han from Birmingham City Council examines the Birmingham Development Plan 2031. See more of our blogs.

Can Investments in Planning Deliver Economic Benefits to Private Citizens?

Reports on a small-scale econometric study into the effects of investment in parkland in Dagenham, East London, on surrounding house prices. Examines if this type of social goal can also be shown to have economic value. There is a working paper and summary briefing.

Planning China's future: How Planners Contribute to Growth and Development

This research project shows how the firm confidence among planners and political leaders in China that planning can be a leading force in fostering economic growth is largely due to a proactive interpretation of the role of planning in strengthening the economy as well as shaping the market according to the needs of society.

Planning as 'Market Maker': How Planning is used to Stimulate Development in Germany, France and the Netherlands

This research project finds that when planning is provided with a proactive remit to utilise functions such as upfront investment in infrastructure and land assembly, planning can add value by creating certainty for market actors and boosting demand for development through the creation of place-quality.

Investing in Delivery: Wow we can Respond to the Pressures on Local Authority Planning

Examines whether a lack of resources in the North West of England is impacting on growth and development, and what can be done to respond to these pressures. Finds significant reductions in LPA budgets and staffing since 2010, with a third fewer planning staff overall.

Planning for growth: the role of LEPs

Finds that LEPs could play a critical role in devolution to cities and regions and in promoting economic growth, but their potential is being held back by their unclear status and unfamiliarity with town planning.

The Gorbals Regeneration - Delivering Economic Value Through Planning

Shows how, after two decades of regeneration, unemployment in The Gorbals fell by 31% between 2004 and 2012, making a much needed case that good planning  has a direct impact on individuals' lives, rather than just delivering 'gentrification' effects.

Fostering Growth: Understanding and Strengthening the Economic Benefits of Planning

Outlines RTPI policy and demonstrates how effective planning leads to sustainable growth by adding value, achieving efficiencies and adding certainty by using case studies.

Creating Economically Successful Places

Examines how planners can play a critical role in supporting sustainable economic growth.

Partnerships for Sub-Regional Growth

Looks at partnerships and collaborations at different spatial scales and how they can help to support planning and economic growth, including Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Prospects for Cities

Highlights the significance of core cities to the national economy and reflects on the approaches taken by Leeds and Manchester to generate prosperity beyond the capital.

Viability: Understanding Development Economics

Complete the interactive activities online to improve your understanding of viability. 

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