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Smart City Regions

This position paper sets out how data, technology and governance can combine to drive a new wave of strategic planning. It is the first output from our Better Planning: Smart City-Regions project.

Past and the Future: The Role of Planning Cultures and Legacies in Delivering Growth in the South East of England

Explores the role of past planning decisions and established local 'planning cultures' in shaping present day approaches to planning for growth in three areas in the South East region - South Hampshire, the Gatwick Diamond and Oxford/Oxfordshire.

Progressing Performance: Investing in Scotland's Planning Service

Highlighting a significant decrease in resources in the planning service. It outlines that there has been close to a 20% reduction in planning department staff in Scotland since 2010.  Despite the loss of resources, average processing times for local planning applications have shortened by a week since 2013.

Success and Innovation in Planning

Identifies innovation in the planning field – where people have tried to do things differently.

Northern Ireland: Planning in a Political Void

A blog from Claire Williamson MRTPI our Northern Ireland Policy Officer reflecting on how the planning system has been affected by not having an accountable devolved Government or a Minister in post. See more of our blogs

Blueprint for a Great North Plan 

This large-scale blueprint presents the best ideas to emerge on developing a Great North Plan, sets out principles for how the plan should be developed, illustrates the different layers of planning required, and proposes next steps for putting planning into action. More information available from IPPR. An A4 version of the blueprint is also available. 

Decision Making and Corporate Planning in Plymouth

Interview with Richard Grant, Local Planning Manager, Plymouth City Council on the innovative and inclusive approach taken to producing the Plymouth Plan. See more of our interviews.

The Process for Developing Robust Housing Evidence for Local Development Plans in Wales

Considers the process for developing robust housing projections for Local Development Plans in Wales in response to some local planning authorities' concerns about how much flexibility they have to interpret household projections. There is a full report and a research briefing.

Strategic Planning

Developed through stakeholder workshops and background research into all five nations to see how we can respond to the challenge of marrying local concerns and wider issues across city-regions and other areas.

Making Better Decisions for Places

Looks at how public and private governance structures can influence the effectiveness of planning, and how barriers to delivery can be overcome.

Thinking Spatially

Considers how thinking spatially can help policymakers make better judgements about how individual policy proposals affect a place as a whole.

Study into the Operation of Planning Committees in Wales

Provides evidence on the efficiency and effectiveness of planning committees and makes recommendations for change in a 2013 report to Welsh Ministers.

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