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England consultations

This is a list of consultations in England that the RTPI is currently responding to, or has recently responded to. If you wish to contribute to the formulation of RTPI responses to these consultations please e-mail the relevant contact person. Please note that an RTPI closing date is given to allow the RTPI sufficient time to co-ordinate a consultation response.

Please notify the RTPI's policy team of any additional open or forthcoming consultations that you feel would be of interest to the RTPI and its members. Follow the links on the left to view our achived responses in addition to our most recent responses which can be found below.


Open consultations

Assessing financial viability in planning under the National Planning Policy Framework for England

The RTPI will be responding to a RICS consultation on the above subject. 

Please send any comments to by 24 January 2020.

Recent submissions

  • RTPI response to MHCLG consultation on Development Corporation reform
  • RTPI response to HCLG Select Committee Inquiry on Social and Affordable Housing
  • RTPI's response to the Environment Agency on the draft National Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy
  • RTPI response to APPG Building Communities on placemaking and economic productivty
  • RTPI response to the 7th Inquiry of the APPG on Excellence in the Built Environment (on recruitment and retention of women)
  • RTPI response to the Public Accounts Committee inquiry into planning and the broken housing market
  • RTPI response to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework consultation
  • RTPI response to the Defra consultation on biodiversity net gain
  • RTPI response to the MHCLG consultation 'Developer contributions reform: technical consultation'.
  • RTPI response to the MHCLG consultation 'Planning reform: supporting the high street and increasing the delivery of new homes'.
  • RTPI response to the independent landscapes review of National Parks and AONBs
  • RTPI response to the MHCLG technical consultation on updates to national planning policy and guidance
  • RTPI response to the consultation from Cabinet Office on a National Geospatial Strategy
  • RTPI response the consultation from BEIS on the inclusion of shale gas production in the NSIP regime
  • RTPI response the consultation from MHCLG on using permitted development for shale gas exploration
  • RTPI response to the Transport Select Committee inquiry on active travel
  • RTPI briefing note on the revised National Planning Policy Framework, following publication
  • RTPI response to the consultation on developer contributions
  • RTPI response to the revised draft National Planning Policy Framework
  • RTPI response to the draft National Policy Statement for Geological Disposal Infrastructure
  • RTPI response to Transport for the North's draft Strategic Transport Plan
  • RTPI response to the Draft London Plan 2019-2041
  • RTPI response to the National Policy Statement on Water Resources
  • RTPI response to the revised draft Airports National Policy Statement
  • RTPI response to DCLG consultation 'planning for the right homes in the right places'
  • RTPI response to the National Infrastructure Commission's discussion paper on strategic planning in the Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford corridor
  • RTPI response to the draft Airports National Policy Statement
  • RTPI response to the Housing White Paper
  • RTPI response to the 'Building our Industrial Strategy' Green Paper
  • RTPI response to the proposed UK Minerals Strategy
  • RTPI response to DECC/DCLG consultation on the 'Each Home Counts' review
  • RTPI evidence for the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission
  • RTPI response to DfT consultation on understanding and valuing impact of transport investment: updating wider economic impacts guidance
  • RTPI response to DCLG consultation on improving the use of planning conditions
  • RTPI response to DCLG technical consultation on the implementation of neighbourhood planning provisions in the Neighbourhood Planning Bill
  • RTPI evidence to Women and Equalities Select Committee inquiry into disability and the built environment
  • RTPI response to the implementation of the government's commitment to allow local government to retain 100% of the business rates that they raise locally
  • RTPI response to the CLG Select Committee inquiry into the future of public parks
  • RTPI response to the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford growth corridor call for evidence
  • RTPI response to the consultation from the National Infrastructure Commission into the processes and methodology of the National Infrastructure Assessment
  • RTPI response to the DECC-commissioned independent review into tidal lagoons energy in the UK
  • RTPI response to BIS consultation on moving Land Registry operations to the private sector
  • RTPI response to the draft walking and cycling investment strategy
  • RTPI response to Starter Homes: technical consultation
  • RTPI response to consultation on further reform of the compulsory purchase system
  • RTPI response to report by the Local Plans Expert Group
  • RTPI Response to DCLG/DEFRA Rural Planning Review: call for evidence
  • RTPI Response to DCLG technical consultation on implementation of planning changes
  • RTPI Response to Upward Extensions in London 
  • RTPI Response to Homes and Communities Agency review: call for evidence
  • RTPI response to Treasury consultation on National Infrastructure Comission
  • RTPI Response to DCLG consultation: New Homes Bonus, "Sharpening the incentive"
  • RTPI evidence to the LGA Housing Commission
  • RTPI response to DCLG changes to national planning policy
  • RTPI evidence to CLG Select Committee - Proposed Changes to NPPF 
  • RTPI response to CIL review questionnaire 
  • RTPI response to Transport for London - Crossrail 2
  • RTPI response to Local Plans Expert Panel 
  • RTPI response to House of Lords Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment
  • RTPI submission to IPPR London Housing Commission
  • RTPI Evidence to CLG Select Committee - Cities and Devolution Bill 2015
  • RTPI evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on the Government's approach to sustainable development
  • RTPI response to the London Assembly Regeneration Commitee call for evidence on transport-led regeneration
  • RTPI response to the DCLG consultation on 'Stepping onto the property ladder'
  • RTPI response to the consultation on the proposal to use a Legislative Reform Order in forming a combined authority or economic prosperity board
  • RTPI response to the consultation on updating the English indices of deprivation 2010
  • RTPI response to the Tall Buildings Guidance counsultation (pdf). Reponse to English Heritage.
  • RTPI response to the Planning & Travellers consultation (pdf)
    Response to the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG)
  • RTPI response to the Housing Standards technical consultation (pdf). Response to the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG).
  • RTPI response to the London Infrastructure 2050 Plan consultation(pdf). Response to the Greater London Authority.
  • RTPI response (pdf) to the Indpendent Armitt Review of Infrastructure (Draft Bill and implementation programme)
  • RTPI response to consultation on Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (pdf). Response to DEFRA and DCLG.
  • RTPI submission to the Independent Commission on Local Government Finance
  • RTPI response (pdf) to the English Heritage consultation on Historic Environment Good Practice Advice in Planning

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