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As in previous years last year saw a vast amount of work across the entire organisation by our volunteer and committee members in each of the RTPI nations and English regions supported by ofcers in all departments at our central ofce in London as well as those in our regional and national ofces. In 2015 the RTPI Board of Trustees identied ve strategic objectives for the next ve years to 2020 Shape and inform policy and practice Develop knowledge education and raise standards Champion the planning profession whilst supporting a growing membership Empower communities Deliver strong nancial and business management in a member focussed organisation We have already started our work to meet these objectives and each committee of the RTPI and RTPI ofcers have been charged with working towards this ambitious agenda. One vital role of the RTPI is ensuring the future of the profession through its accreditation of education in university planning schools and for many the real work starts when our graduates start work. The APC for licentiates has been reviewed and streamlined in 2015 and we have started to see an increase in those who are passing this nal competence test rst time illustrating the quality of our graduates. But in addition to working with universities we have reviewed our routes to membership in 2015 a complex task which will enable us to meet one of our objectives to grow our membership. My own year as President was an extremely busy and fullling one and I set out to meet as many members as possible all over the world. I wanted to learn from international planners help to maintain our excellent relationships with other institutes and promote UK town planning and the good practice that prevails. As part of my year as well as travelling around the world I gave approximately 100 lectures and speeches at events in 15 countries including the four nations of the UK. Seeing the tremendous efforts by planners across the UK and in Ireland was inspirational and my visits were rewarding beyond my expectations. I was greeted warmly by everyone and I thank the many planners I met who wanted to share their knowledge with me wanted to tell me what they are doing in the face of considerable opposition in some cases. Although my ambition was to promote the RTPI and planning as much as I could I was also challenged about my own ideas and why I am a planner and I reected upon some of this in my valedictory speech. RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning With the challenges brought about by shrinking resources at local government level increasing centralisation of powers and the pressures brought upon those planners in the private sector and in academia the RTPI continues to support you whoever you are. We continue to argue for a well-resourced planning service and to represent the issues faced by all our members. I want to thank our members everywhere who through their commitment to good town planning continue to make lives and places better educating the next generation of planners and working for the public good across the nations and regions of the UK and beyond. Janet Askew RTPI President 2015 Phil Williams Vice President 2015 Cath Ranson Immediate Past President 2015 Ian Angus Trustee - Scotland and Vice Chair of the Board Janet Askew Trustee - President Marion Chalmers Trustee - Corporate Tony Crook Trustee - Corporate Vincent Goodstadt Trustee - Corporate Colin Haylock Trustee - Corporate Iram Mohammed Trustee - Corporate Charlotte Morphet Trustee - Young Planners Cath Ranson Trustee - Immediate Past President Ann Skippers Trustee - Corporate Graham Stallwood Trustee - Honorary Treasurer Andrew Taylor Trustee - Chair of the Board Martin Taylor Trustee - Corporate Pat Thomas Trustee - Honorary Solicitor and Secretary Stephen Wilkinson Trustee - Nations and Regions Phil Williams Trustee - Vice President BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2015 page 3 Supporting and Growing Membership in 2015 The RTPI Membership team launched its new Assessment of Professional Competence APC guidance in March 2015 providing enhanced clarity to members. This formed part of the review of routes to membership which will reect all the ways planners enter the profession. This has resulted in an uplift in the numbers of people passing their APC rst time APC 1st time pass rate Our institute is our members Trudi Elliott CEO RTPI RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning Total membership increased slightly in 2015 Total RTPI wide membership 1115 23254 1116 23630 Total chartered membership 1115 14866 1116 14882 In 2015 the Board of Trustees agreed to pilot free student membership through accredited planning schools the result was Student membership grew 26.89 in 2015 1115 1346 1116 1708 In 2015 across the UK Nations and Regions 16500 members attended CPD and social events organised by UK National and Regional committee members and ofcers. In 2015 RTPI Conferences organised 58 events seminars and conferences attended by 2200 delegates. 2015 2014 2013 45.15 37 32.5 0 10 20 30 40 50 Total membership increased slightly in 2015 Total RTPI wide membership 1115 23254 1116 23630 Total chartered membership Members at our General Assembly Our institute is our members Trudi Elliott CEO RTPI page 4 Championing the Planning Profession and Raising the Prole of the RTPI in 2015 This year saw the success of the Englands Great Places PR campaign designed to highlight the positive role planners play in protecting or enhancing places. It was launched as a RTPI Centenary legacy project following the success of Scotlands Best Places in 2014. Englands Great Places attracted nominations from the public for 207 places around England. The independent panel of experts agreed a shortlist of 10 places and a staggering 11000 members of the public and RTPI members voted for their best place. The winner Liverpool Waterfront attracted 4000 votes and RTPI President Janet Askew went to Liverpool to present a plaque to Liverpools Chief Planner and RTPI member David Hughes and Cllr Malcolm Kennedy Cabinet Member for Regeneration. The Liverpool Echo announcement that the city had won the competition was shared over 20000 times and was in the top 10 of the papers most read stories in 2015. Awards for Planning Excellence The Annual RTPI Awards for Planning Excellence 2015 saw a massive 50 increase in the number of submissions for an Award. Nick Raynsford MP chaired the panel of independent judges and the ceremony was a sell out with 450 guests. The winner of the prestigious 2015 Silver Jubilee Cup was Thames Tideway Tunnel. Young Planners Conference The annual Young Planners Conference is organised by a different regional Young Planner network each year. In 2015 it was the turn of the South East Young Planners who held a two day conference and networking event in Southampton for 220 delegates. The event was so successful it was selected as a nalist for the Association Excellence Award for Best Networking Event 2015. The 2016 Young Planners Conference is in Belfast on 14-15 October. RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning The RTPI Awards for Planning Excellence 2015 Pullman London St Pancras Young Planners Conference at Grand Harbour Hotel Southampton 2015 RTPI President Janet Askew presenting the award to Cllr Malcolm Kennedy Liverpool City Councils Cabinet Member of Regeneration Transport and Climate Change at Albert Docks Liverpool page 5 RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning Media highlights in 2015 News and queries 421 print and online media mentions for RTPI 224 RTPI website news items 127 corporate media enquiries excluding The Planner Appearance on main ITV News at 10 Englands Great Places competition announcement was 3rd most read story on the main BBC website on the day Top 5 topics in RTPI media mentions RTPI Awards for Planning Excellence 108 Englands Great Places 71 Housing general 14 Green belt 14 total of which 13 were on our Green Belt report Investing in Delivery RTPIArup Report 14 Top 5 topics that the media asked the RTPI to comment on Planning law 16 Housing 15 Englands Great Places 8 Resourcing 6 Infrastructure 5 Social media highlights in 2015 10403 RTPI corporate twitter followers Increase in RTPI Cymru twitter followers from 400 to 493 30 increase in RTPI Scotland twitter followers 80 increase in RTPI Ireland twitter followers Increase in RTPI Northern Ireland twitter followers from 330 to 442 1327 likes on RTPIs corporate Facebook page 4105 people saw the RTPIs most popular post on Facebook 287 people followed RTPIs new corporate Instagram account launched in Spring 2015 34.25 open rate for the Members bulletin compared to an industry average between 22 and 27.5. 11877 people saw the RTPI corporate twitters most popular tweet 83 people retweeted it. page 6 RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning RTPI Chief Executive Trudi Elliott Homes for Britain campaign Our campaign to highlight the shortage of planners was nominated for a prestigious national excellence award. Growing RTPI inuence and engagement in the UK with political stakeholders 2015 was a general election year in the UK. RTPI produced an election Asks document and through the year met with leading politicians from each of the parties to make the case for planning. Successful fringe events were organised at the Conservative and Labour party conferences. Activity since has centred on making the case for additional resources in planning and on seeking amendments to the Housing and Planning Bill. RTPI Chief Executive Trudi Elliott and RTPI Head of Policy Richard Blyth also gave evidence to select committees. Bob Neill MP the former planning minister was appointed our new parliamentary patron in succession to Nick Raynsford MP who retired at the election. Website statistics for 2015 1.7m pages were viewed on the site in 2015 12 increase with an average of 150000 per month. Around 40000 sessions occurAround 40000 sessions occur each month. We average just over 34000 unique visitors every month. Top 10 pages viewed 1. Home pageHome page 9.64 367008 2. RTPI Events Calendar 6.92 263466 3. Englands Great PlacesEnglands Great Places nalists 2.14 81380 4. Planning AdvicePlanning Advice 1.95 74089 5. Login to My RTPILogin to My RTPI 1.76 67067 6. APC 1.61 61215 7. Resources for APC Candidates 1.43 54274 8. Become a Planner 1.34 50817 9. Become a RTPI member 1.31 49715 10. Accredited qualicationsAccredited qualications 1.27 48223 page 7 Shaping and Informing Policy and Practice RTPI hosts a number of specialist networks for members Urban Design Network Heritage Politicians in Planning Transport Planning Regeneration Independent Consultants Network National Association of Planning Enforcement and Planning Education and Research Network. Each has grown during 2015 to include between 800 1000 active members and a committee of volunteer members. Brandon Lewis MP Minister of State with responsibility for Housing and Planning at the Department for Communities and Local Government at the RTPI Parliamentary Reception in December with Bob Neill MP right. RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning RTPI National Events and Conferences The RTPI Planning Convention 2015 - The New Politics for Planning - was attended by 340 delegates. Keynote Speakers included Eugenie Birch Chair of the World Urban Campaign and the newly re-elected Brandon Lewis MP Minister of State for Housing and Planning. Other national conferences included RTPI Urban Design Network Conference Politicians in Planning Conference Transport Conference National Association of Planning Enforcement Conference RTPI Northern regions held a series of round tables culminating in The Northern Summit Does the North need a Great North Plan organised with IPPR North RTPI Nathaniel Licheld Lecture this year by Lord Kerslake During 2015 10 policy reports were published including Building in the Green Belt A brighter future for our towns and cities joint with RICS ATCM and IED and Strategic Planning Effective Cooperation for Planning Across Boundaries. Planning Convention 2015 RTPI Chief Executive Trudi Elliott and Dalia Licheld at the Nathaniel Licheld Lecture page 8 RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning The top 10 most downloaded Policy and Research reports were 1. Strategic Planning policy paper 2. Planning Horizons Promoting Healthy Cities 3. Planning for Growth The Role of LEPs 4. Planning Horizons Creating Economically Successful Places 5. Planning Horizons Thinking Spatially 6. Planning Horizons Future Proong Society 7. Planning Horizons Making Better Decisions for Places 8. The Gorbals Regeneration Delivering Economic Value Through Planning 9. Capturing the Wider Benets of Investment in Transport Infrastructure policy paper 10. Delivering Large Scale Housing policy paper The top 5 most popular blog posts Whats missing from the house price debate Richard Blyth Its always better to have a plan but why do we nd it so hard Trudi Elliott The Planning Factor Why planning is critical to solving Londons housing crisis part I Joseph Kilroy and David Pendlebury Viability What does it mean for the plan-led system John Wacher London Borough of Islington Why some people seem to hate planning Michael Harris 2015 saw the launch of the RTPI Blog which attracted 34203 total page views. 2015 Planning Convention delegates at study tour of Crossrail London 176 events were attended by members of the Policy Practice and Research team who also spoke at 6 events during the year. page 9 International Outreach In 2015 we continued to build on raising the international prole of RTPI its members and the positive role of planning. We launched the very well-received document Delivering Better Development the role of the Urban and Rural Planner at the World Town Planning Conference in November 2015. This is the rst international guide explaining what planners do in basic English and is aimed at non-planners. It is published jointly with the Global Planners Network with contributions from UN-Habitat Arup the Irish Planning Institute and the New Zealand Planning Institute. It was also uploaded to the World Urban Campaigns resource centre. The document will be taken to Habitat III in Quito Ecuador in October 2016. Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 50 copies were distributed at the meeting in Malta in November 2015. The document was very well received and I wish I had taken more Comment from Clive Harridge World Town Planning Day Online Conference The online conference took place from 4-5 November around the world. The RTPI was heavily involved. See In the UK a record number of RTPI International events were organised including Launch of World Town Planning Day online conference at University of Dundee Scotland RTPI East of England event RTPI Cymru and Cardiff School of Planning and Geography event RTPI London in conjunction with the Planning Institute of Australia PIA London branch and the New Zealand Planning Institute NZPI London organised a panel of speakers from the House Building Federation Shelter and Battersea Power Station Corporation. RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning This is an excellent document See Hai Singapore Institute of Planners Great document Yusuf Patel Former President of the South African Planning Institute World Town Planning Day 4-5 November 2015 We launched the highly well-received document Delivering Better Development the role of the Urban and Rural Planner at the World Town Planning Conference in November 2015. page 10 RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning Empowering Communities 2015 was a year of change for Planning Aid England PAE the RTPI programme directly tasked with empowering communities to navigate the planning system and create neighbourhood plans. The contract with SCNP ended and during 2015 the nal year of the contract PAE supported 274 groups directly and many more indirectly delivered 3300 staff days 908 volunteer days and enabled 144 groups to meet their milestone. PAE was involved in approximately 37 of the plans that had successfully passed examination. In addition to the direct support PAE also produced 20 case studies delivered a series of training events and assisted at two Planning Camps in Oxford and York in Spring 2015. These camps were attended by over 200 neighbourhood planners. PAE also produced 39 separate pieces of guidance on neighbourhood planning. These were How To Guides helping to empower communities to deliver their plans. In addition to this we also produce a monthly e-bulletin and video for communities covering everything neighbourhood planning related. This is sent out to over 2000 subscribers each month. In 2015 the advice line dealt with over 2700 separate queries and Planning Aid Direct our online resource had in excess of 24000 views for the same period. PAE continued to deliver outreach opportunities proactive capacity building and community support and casework reactive support to communities and individuals with planning problems. We had 47 pieces of casework in 2015 that were administered by our volunteers and a number of outreach events including supporting Manselds Local Plan consultation in areas of deprivation and Leeds City Councils site allocation DPD in areas of deprivation. Volunteers at PAE event page 11 RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning In 2015 RTPI launched its unique Future Planners Bursary Fund to encourage students from all disciplines to take up a Masters at an accredited Planning School. The Bursary has supported 44 students. Developing Careers Education and Professional Development 32 accredited Planning Schools in the UK Ireland and overseas increase of one RTPI spoke to over 600 planning students in the 2015-16 round of student talks across 20 of our accredited Planning Schools promoting careers and membership Streamlined guidance on accreditation and partnership boards. Reduced stages for University Accreditation from 6 to 4. 60 of Partnership Board members appointed in the last two years attended an education training update session 170 members monitored for CPD 5 new Learning Partners joined Identified 8 priorities for members CPD across membership 4 free Learning Modules on RTPI Learn with over 2600 users Planning Apprenticeships for school leavers launched at 3 colleges Our officers and volunteer Ambassadors attended national and regional careers events which attracted over 90000 attendees to promote planning as a great career In 2015 page 12 RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning RTPI Nations and English Regions RTPIs work is delivered directly to our members through the RTPI Nations and English Regions supported by dedicated officers working very closely with volunteer members who generously give their time to the various Regional Management Boards and committees. National Chapter and English regional committees organise networking conference and professional development opportunities for members. In each Nation and Region Young Planners Committees create specific events for our Young Planners those who are at an early stage of their career in planning. Professional Development event attendance 11347 Social Events 5813 2548 3265 Young Planners Total Attendance 16498 RTPI Nations RTPI is dedicated to supporting its members in the UK Nations with devolved planning systems RTPI Scotland RTPI Wales RTPI Northern Ireland and RTPI Ireland. In RTPI Nations our RTPI officers and members also represent planners at governmental level to ensure that our members views are fed into national policy debates. page 13 RTPI Ireland We responded to consultations or reviews on The Potential of Taxation Measures to Encourage Development of Zoned and Serviced Land the Planning and Development Regulations and the Review of An Board Pleanla where we also presented oral evidence. We engaged in the Bills promoted by the Government on planning issues. We organised 3 Member Open Forum sessions to allow members to discuss the key issues in planning. We sent a joint letter with IPI to DOECLG advising on ways that the Bill can secure professional recognition for qualified planners including a definition of Chartered Planner. Our Annual Dinner was held at the Dublin Institute of Technologys Grangegorman campus. We organised a fact finding study visit to Scotland to explore what Ireland could learn from the Scottish planning framework. RTPI Cymru RTPI Cymru held 11 events during 2015 from the Annual Dinner to the Wales Planning Conference which was attended by 250 delegates. Highlights of the year included We responded to the Planning Wales Act 2015 giving evidence to the Environment and Sustainability Committee and published briefings for our members and Assembly Members. To mark International Womens Day we teamed up with the Design Commission for Wales to hear the experiences from a number of women who are leading in the built environment sector. We held Strategic Planning Training in March 2015 for local planning authorities across Wales who could be involved with developing Strategic Development Plans funded by the Welsh Government. In conjunction with the Princes Foundation we held Drawing Places in July 2015 to develop drawing and master planning skills. The annual Wales Enforcement Conference supported by POSW and Francis Taylor Building in Llandrindod Wells was attended by delegates from across Wales in October. RTPI Cymru Spring Conference 2015 was themed Delivering Regeneration. Drawing Places 2 day course run in collaboration with the Princes Foundation in Lampeter Wales RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning page 14 RTPI Northern Ireland In Northern Ireland we focussed on supporting the process of transferring many planning functions to 11 new councils in Northern Ireland on 1 April 2015 and the accompanying new planning system. 2015 Chair of Northern Ireland Neil Dunlop on the reproduction of the main staircase from the Titanic at the Titanic Experience Belfast RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning Community Planning Linking People and Places 50 delegates attended this event in Belfast. The event explored the relationship between the land use plan and the community plan and how together they can help deliver the vision for our council areas. Value of Planning 40 delegates attended this event. Hugh McKay Memorial Award Presentation The 2015 award went to student Melissa Harpur for her nal year dissertation titled What effect can heritage have on the economic development of Fermanagh Northern Ireland RTPI Scotland We expressed concerns on the fact that there wasnt a chartered planner with recent experience in the planning service on the panel established to undertake an independent review of the Planning system. We engaged fully with the review panel and submitted written evidence. 66 events were held for members across Scotland. The large majority of these were either free or low-cost and were attended by around 2050 people. 440 delegates attended the RTPI Scotland Annual Conference Sir Patrick Geddes Commemorative Lecture and Scottish Young Planners Conference. 8 policy or brieng papers were published in response to consultations calls for evidence or parliamentary debates. 2 research papers published on linking spatial and community planning and on performance and resources in planning in Scotland. RTPI Scotland participated in over 20 advisory groups including the Scottish Government Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group Scottish Urban Air Quality Steering Group Ministerial Advisory Group on the Crown Estate and the High Level Group on Planning Performance. We contributed to 5 programmes on BBC Radio Scotland and made 2 TV appearances on BBC Scotland Scotland 2015 and Reporting Scotland. We published our manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Election setting out 7 key game- changers on housing infrastructure resources town and city centres energy community engagement and placemaking. page 15 RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning RTPI East of England The 2015 Annual Awards Gala Dinner and Drinks Reception sponsored by Beacon Planning was a tremendous success with Kelvin MacDonald as guest speaker. The joint winners of the Regional Award were Rendlesham Neighbourhood Plan by Evolution Town Planning LLP and Hillington Square Kings Lynn by Mae Architects. The 2015 Annual Awards Gala Dinner Sir Terry Farrell 2015 RTPI President Janet Askew and RTPI London team at the launch of the To 2020 and Beyond Mayoral Election series. RTPI English Regions Throughout the year our volunteers supported by RTPI staff organise training lectures social events regional communications and networking opportunities for our members in the English Regions some highlights for 2015 include Northern Summit Do We Need A Great North Plan A series of round table events were held throughout 2015 in all Northern Regions RTPI Yorkshire RTPI North East and RTPI North West jointly with IPPR North which included academics business transport and planning professionals to discuss how to support the Northern Powerhouse through a spatial plan for the North. These events culminated in a major conference of senior stakeholders from across the North of England which featured Lord Heseltine as the Keynote Speaker. Bob Wolfe Honorary Secretary Yorkshire Regional Management Board Judith Barnes Lord Heseltine Ed Cox Director IPPR North and Trudi Elliott CEO RTPI at the Northern Summit The highlight of 2015 was the launch of the To 2020 and Beyond Mayoral Election series launched by Sir Terry Farrell. RTPI London In 2015 we launched two new events aimed at those starting out in the profession - the new London Planning University Quiz and Young Planner Third Thursdays. The region was active on social media. Last year there were 16795 hits on our blog from January 2015 to the AGM in November. We now have 358 Facebook likes and 2433 Twitter followers. page 16 RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning RTPI North East Over 20 riders took on either the 55K or 90K ride to compete in this years Cycle Challenge along the banks of the River Tyne. Riders raised money for Sustrans and prizes were donated by Nathaniel Licheld and Partners. Plans for 2016 are already underway. Debate whether privately between colleagues in negotiations between parties or formally in appeals and inquiries is one of the things planners do well. Hence the format of our new annual forum The Great Debate. Steve Birkinshaw Regional Treasurer RTPI East Midlands RTPI East Midlands RTPI North West The Presidential visit is a real highlight of the year a great opportunity for regions to talk about everyday planning challenges and show off what planners have achieved. This year the Isle of Man was the focus for the North West programme with legislature regeneration and energy from waste on the agenda. RTPI South East Over 150 planners gathered for the regions annual Planning Sans Frontires event. Teams from twelve planning consultancies and local authorities and of course one from the RTPI joined the fun competing in games of skill cooperation and silliness getting very wet in the process. Planners at the annual Planning Sans Frontires event Riders at RTPI North East Cycle Challenge 2015 RTPI President Janet Askew visits the Isle of Man page 17 RTPI South West We saw a continued growth in our programme and number of members attending our conferences - 11 conferences 93 speakers and 1500 delegates attended. About 30 were non members. Highlights May 2015 we held the rst planning conference in Jersey since 2007 which attracted 91 delegates. The Minister for Planning in Jersey attended and spoke at the event. Development Management continued to be a popular topic with all conferences selling out. Popular conferences also included the NPPFNPPG Conference in Gloucester and CIL Infrastructure in Bath. RTPI Annual Review 2015 Advancing the Science and Art of Planning Dr Alfonso Vegara Professor Zhou Guoyan visiting Birmingham RTPI Yorkshire RTPI Yorkshires Annual Lecture was given by Dr Alfonso Vegara world renowned planner-architect and President of the Fundacin Metrpoli in Madrid Spain. He addressed a packed audience of students architects town planners and engineers on the theme of... Jersey conference One of the best if not the best and most informative RTPI conference Ive ever attended. Connecting People Places across the World. RTPI West Midlands In July 2015 Professor Zhou Guoyan MRTPI Director of the Research Centre for Town and Country Planning at Hefei University of Technology in China visited Birmingham and spoke to RTPI West Midlands members on Planning Matters Planning Regeneration and Social Change in China. page 18 Annual Review 2015 Advance the Science and Art of Planning Last year was another incredibly busy year for the RTPI. 2016 is shaping up to be just as busy across the organisation. My own priorities as President during 2016 another election year for our Nations and many English Local Authorities are to build on last years success and to continue to put planners and planning at the centre of the debate. We are all striving for a better society and our members have a crucial role to play in building a better sense of place in the community. Look out for next years review of 2016 to see how we have done Phil Williams MRTPI 2016 RTPI President The Royal Town Planning Institute 41 Botolph Lane London EC3R 8DL e w t 020 7929 9494