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Richard Edgington, Coventry City Council

Richard is a young planner who has progressed very quickly within the Local Authority’s Planning Team. Since completing his Masters Degree in December 2018 he has pursued his career, his professional development and his RTPI Membership to become a Principal Town Planner. He is a valued member of the team, very helpful and supportive to others and a friend to his colleagues. Richard pays attention to detail, considers every matter professionally and thoroughly and takes on challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem. Richard genuinely is a role model to young planners and a credit to the planning profession.



Frances Keenan - Spitfire Homes

Frances joined the planning profession in 2018 and has held roles in Local Government, Private Consultancy and Housebuilding. Frances is now the Planning Manager for Spitfire Homes. Outside of work, Frances is an advocate for the planning profession and has been on the West Midlands Young Planners Committee for 5-years. In 2023 she helped deliver the Young Planners Conference and most recently she was appointed as co-chair for 2024. Frances has a keen interest in promoting planning with young people and is currently leading on a new joint project between the RTPI and the Grace Foundation.

Vicky Fox - Turley 

Vicky is a hard-working, diligent and highly dependable planner who is not only an outstanding role model for other young professionals, but is also revered by clients, project teams and senior colleagues alike. She works at all times with integrity and dedication to achieve the best outcomes for the industry. Vicky's passion goes beyond the 'day to day' of the job. Her energy and enthusiasm for planning mean many look up to her and she is dedicated to supporting the professional growth and well-being of other planners through initiative such as the Turley 'Quality Handbook' and virtual lockdown HIIT sessions.

Rebecca Marshall, Worcester City Council

Rebecca is a hard working public sector Chartered Town Planner with 10 years experience. She excels in teamwork and leadership and champions EDI matters. She has demonstrated through her public and private sector roles, particularly within Development Management in Local Government, an impressive decision making record including on major applications. She has also held a number of voluntary leadership positions, including on an RTPI Regional Management Board, under the age of 30. She believes planning has huge power and potential to shape communities and places in a positive way and works to harness this as much as possible.