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RTPI West Midlands Chair's Award 2024

West Midlands Chair's Award 2024

Presented by West Midlands Chair Victoria Lane

This year I wanted to dedicate the Chair’s award to a project or person who had successfully developed blue and green infrastructure into a development to improve our physical and mental health.  Mental health especially is a cause close to my heart and the impact of COVID has had a major impact on everyone mentally as well as physically.  So how can we improve our developments to include spaces that accommodate both our physical and mental health?

This project stood out for me in meeting those objectives.  It’s submission went beyond the objectives of it’s planning submission for an enclosure and stood out for the objectives they have implemented to improve access to the outdoors.  Not only does the project provide essential infrastructure to assist with the beaver programme, but they have a whole host of other offerings within the estate to enhance the public’s wellbeing.  Such things include dawn chorus walks, the opportunity to experience the

 estate’s wonderful outdoor surroundings and nature at it’s best, as well as miles of woodland walks to get those senses flowing bringing us back down to nature. 

So it is my absolute pleasure to award this years Chairs Award to Trentham Estate - Beaver Project - entered by Turley