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Best Plan - Shortlisted

A Masterplan for the Creation of Two Integrated Constructed Wetlands at Longfield and Nailsbourne in association with Staplegrove Garden Community , North Taunton, entered by Origin 3
This submission is for a ground breaking masterplan for the creation of two new wetlands areas in Somerset, at Longfield and Nailsbourne. The wetlands are proposed as a solution to phosphates releases affecting the Somerset Levels Ramsar site – which are preventing the delivery of the Taunton Garden Town initiative, specifically by delaying the delivery of new Garden Communities. The wetlands will be one of the first occasions where a purpose built solution to phosphate releases, functionally connected to the delivery of a new Garden Community will be created, contributing to biodiversity and nature recovery and reinstating ecosystems of the Levels

Future Stories: Tales from the BCP Future Lab, entered by Feria Urbanism
‘Future Stories; Tales from the BCP Future Lab’ includes a series of bold ideas, shaped by shared values, experiences and ideas. It is the result of an eight-month co-creative research project that reimagines what our urban centres will become as we emerge back into public life, post-pandemic. It uses public opinion to help to reframe the town centre experience, prioritising health, and social prosperity as an outcome of future interventions. The public want town centres that are playable, social, cultural, curious, interesting, eventful. They want town centres that are fun places to spend time.