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Case study

Bird Aware Solent Solent Coastline (2014-2034 - in-perpetuity measures until 2114)

A win-win solution to protect local fauna whilst granting accessibility and development.

Established in 2017, Bird Aware Solent is a strategic partnership of 14 Local Planning Authorities in the Solent area.

Preserving the local fauna whilst allowing access to the coast and residential developments, it shows how collaborating on a strategic scale is a win-win approach.

Lessons learnt

  1. Local authorities should engage in proactive strategic partnerships guided by long-term vision to achieve win-win solutions that would not be possible with the limited resources and power of a single local authority.
  2. Strong leadership by planners and long-term engagement with local politicians and stakeholders are a key to achieving a successful outcome.
  3. In long-term-plans, where behavioural change is essential,  planners should engage early and broadly with the communities to create a shared culture of social norms.

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The Bird Aware Solent project provided a crucial response to protecting the birds whilst enabling continued residential development and open access to the coastline for visitors. It is wonderful to celebrate the role that planners will continue to do in delivering prosperous places for both communities and wildlife alike.” 
Victoria Hills MRTPI, Chief Exectuive, The Royal Town Planning Institute