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Local Planning Authority of the Year

Lake District National Park Authority 

The Lake District National Park Authority's high performing team planning team, driven by the vision “an inspirational example of sustainable development in action” work to balance the conservation of the park's natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage with the needs of the local communities. The small, close-knit team’s achievements include creating an award-winning Local Plan which has provided a policy framework to make high quality, timely decisions on 2,000 pieces of planning casework each year. New recruitment pathways, flexible working practices, creating career progression opportunities, and a monthly in-house training programme are fostering a more inclusive and diverse team.



Warrington Borough Council

Warrington Borough Council strives to be a place that works for all : providing opportunities for the most vulnerable; with a strong, sustainable economy that benefits everyone; with strong, active and resilient communities; and an exemplar green town. Warrington has positively planned its long term growth to ensure that new homes, jobs and businesses are supported by major improvements to the Borough’s infrastructure, to the benefit of existing and new communities alike and its position as one of the most important economic hubs in the UK is consolidated. 




West Lancashire Borough Council

A newly-established CIL team at West Lancashire Borough Council has overcome adversity and delivered outstanding results. With no prior experience of CIL, the team has taken the service from fulfilling its statutory duties to pro-actively working with a wide range of stakeholders to allocate some £1.67m of CIL and S106 funding in 2023. The team has innovatively worked with partners to allocate funding and embarked on a process of educating colleagues and internal and external infrastructure providers on what is CIL and how it can be used to effectively deliver critical infrastructure projects across the Borough.