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Central Lincolnshire Local Plan entered by Central Lincolnshire Local Plans Team

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan pushes the boundaries of government policy and legislation, based on an ambition to deliver net zero carbon across the joint-planning area. It contains a suite of policies targeting energy efficient buildings, renewable energy, embodied carbon, adaptation and resilience to climate change, and more. Policies are being implemented and delivered now, whilst utilising additional technical guidance produced by consultants Bioregional and Etude. The success of the plan relied on partnerships, trust and a shared vision of planning professionals, members, and consultants to address climate change, offering a template for other local authorities to follow.


Nottingham Student Living Strategy entered by Nottingham City Council

The Nottingham Student Living Strategy (SLS) is a joint effort by Nottingham City Council and local universities, aiming to tackle housing needs, improve community relations, and promote sustainability. Through innovative engagement and planning, it aims to create inclusive, safe, and lively communities for both students and residents. Prioritising affordable, quality housing for students, it fosters neighbourliness and graduate retention. Grounded in planning policies, the SLS emphasises partnership and collective action for thriving, resilient communities. It ensures collaborative implementation and monitoring of policies, shaping Nottingham's future through a spatial approach involving various agencies.


Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station Local Development Order entered by Arup and Rushcliffe Borough Council

In line with government policy the Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired Power Station will close at the end of September 2024. Arup and Uniper collaborated with Rushcliffe Borough Council to establish a Local Development Order as a framework that will transition the site into a low-carbon energy generation and advanced manufacturing campus. The LDO grants permission for 810,000m2 floorspace, creating up to 8,000 jobs in the high-tech, green economy. Innovative solutions were embedded to deliver necessary infrastructure improvements and environmental mitigation whilst providing potential investors with the certainty needed to ensure that this major site has a sustainable future.


Mansfield Town Centre Design Code entered by Mansfield District Council

Mansfield District Council was one of twenty-five 'Pathfinder' authorities who have set their own standards for design through development of a Design Code. The Code covers Mansfield town centre and aligns with an adopted Town Centre Masterplan.
The Council worked with consultants PJA to develop the code which has been supported by the Council’s politicians and Leadership Team. Following extensive consultation and engagement the Code was adopted as a Statement of Council Policy in November 2023.
The Council's approach to the Design Code has been welcomed by the Office for Place, DLUHC and Design Council.