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Persuasion and influencing skills

Thursday, 05 October 2017 at 9:00AM - 4:30PM
The Hatton (etc Venues), 51-53 Hatton Garden, London
£349 for RTPI members (From £199 with a season ticket)
£199 for licentiate members and independent consultants; £140 for students, unemployed and retired; £449 standard price
RTPI Conferences

Everyone needs to be persuasive.  You need to persuade your colleagues, your boss, your customers or clients, and even your friends and family.  But it is difficult.  You were only taught one way to persuade: to create a structured, reasoned argument.

The problem is that this is never enough. If you have ever wondered why you have been right, yet others have failed to agree with you, to believe you or to act on your recommendations, then this workshop will change everything. It will show you how to become influential, how to grow your web of influence, and how to persuade people that you are right, and that they should act on your recommendations.

Benefits of attending:

  1. Attend to the basics: understand the essentials of influence and the principles of persuasion.
  2. Be able to influence decisions and change minds.
  3. Go into negotiations and discussions with greater confidence and more resources of persuasion.
  4. Get people to help you and secure their commitment to follow through.
  5. Build a base of support and a reputation as a persuasive professional and influential individual.

 Who should attend?

  • Policy planners and officers
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Development control managers
  • Planning consultants
  • ‘Non-project’ managers and specialists
  • Project team members new to the role



1. Become influential

What are the basics of influence?  These are the sort of things that your family ad teachers taught you, but you easily forget in the busyness of day-to-day work. These will be the ‘ho yes, of course’ moments of the workshop, but you need to remember the lessons that we can all learn from Laurel and Hardy, Mike’s dad, Parker pens, your doctor, and George Clooney. It is these that build the basics of an influential person.

  • Why experts sometimes fail to influence
  • How to create gravitas
  • How you can be more likeable
  • How to be more confident – even in stressful situations

2. Build a web of influence

The most influential people spend time cultivating relationships and building a network of influence. This is neither devious, selfish, nor unethical: in fact, it is the heart of what being human is all about. When you do it well, it feels natural and places you in the heart of a society of trusted friends and colleagues. Learn about strategic networking, the reciprocation economy, and how to handle objections in a respectful manner.

  • Learn the fundamentals of effective and influential communication
  • How to build a strategic network
  • Understand the nature of objections
  • … and how you can handle each type effectively

3. Persuade people

Persuasion is all about changing minds and influencing choices. It is the sharp end of influence, so you need to increase the range of your skills and techniques further. In this session, you will find out how professional persuaders (like advertisers, salespeople and politicians) build a powerful message and the different ways that they persuade different people.

  • Learn the single most important question for any persuader to answer
  • How do the most persuasive people build an argument
  • What are the ways different people make decisions?
  • … and how can you best influence each one?

4. Use powerful psychological techniques

All influence and persuasion boils down to applied psychology. So there are more secrets to learn that can give you an edge when you need a little something extra.

  • Five ways to use contrast to create results
  • How Jiminy Cricket drives compliance
  • The power of language and metaphor
  • … and, putting it all together, five sequences to get results when you need persuasion to work


Trainer: Dr Mike Clayton, Independent Trainer, Business Author and Speaker