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Perla Mansour

The Student Award finalist

Urban Trees: Benefits and Planting Strategies- Belfast One Million

Perla Mansour MSc

(Queens University Belfast, School of Natural and Built Environment)


Full entry title

Mansour, P. (2020) Urban trees: Benefits and planting strategies, Belfast million trees, Belfast: Queen's University Belfast.

Research description

Conducted for the Belfast City Council Resilience Unit, the research aims to optimise the deliverables of an urban tree planting program, looking, not only at the ecological benefits of trees, but at the potential of targeting their ecosystem services towards greater goals of connecting green infrastructures, of reducing environmental deprivation and of designing liveable spaces. The study analyses different urban climatopes or micro-climates in Belfast and proposes probable delivery plans aiming to combine environmental benefits with social and economic attainable targets for Belfast City Council Resilience Unit’s One Million Trees project.

Twitter: @Perla_ODDD