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Antony Rifkin

The Planning Practitioner Award finalist

Complex City: London’s Changing Character

Antony Rifkin BCom MCRP Dip Urban Design MRTPI FRSA

(Co-authors: Jane Manning, Daniel Elsea, Lionel Eid, George Garofalakis)

Allies and Morrison

Full entry title

Complex City: London's Changing Character by Jane Manning, Antony Rifkin, Daniel Elsea, Lionel Eid, George Garofalakis, Published September 1, 2020 by RIBA Publishing.

Research description

Published by RIBA, Complex City: London’s Changing Character is a detailed mapping of London’s historic layers, emerging from our work in characterisation studies throughout London; and puts forward a new argument for character-based densification. Using extensive mapping and documentary photography, Complex City makes a case for a finer grain understanding of density as an essential ingredient in accommodating growth responsibly. It concludes with recommendations for any local authority or city, which is facing the dual dilemma of accommodating growth and preserving local character.