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UK General Election - Weekly Update (6 March)

06 March 2015

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This is the first of our weekly updates in the lead up to the UK General Election. There’s only 61 days to go. This week the RTPI released, Planning in the next Parliament, which outlines our 10 key proposals ahead of the upcoming UK General Election. These have been selected from our extensive policy and research work programme over the past 18 months.


811529282The first part of the week was dominated by a raft of announcements about Starter Homes. In a written statement to parliament, Minister for Planning Brandon Lewis, explained changes to planning policy following a response to the consultation on proposals to enable more starter homes for first time buyers.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister David Cameron, announced a 20% discount on first homes for 100,000 first-time buyers. By the end of Monday, DCLG had also released starter homes guidance about the national starter home exception site policy.

If you haven’t already seen it, we provided a response to the Starter Homes consultation in early February.



Over at UKIP they were busy promoting their housing policy, the main priorities included:

  • protecting the British countryside
  • scraping HS2
  • ending the EU wind farm project
  • ending right to buy for foreign nationals
  • producing more affordable housing by changing the planning presumption in favour of residential in off high street office and commercial buildings
  • making brownfield development more attractive by issuing brownfield bonds, providing decontamination assessment grants, removing VAT from brownfield conversion costs and stamp duty from brownfield first builds
  • reforming leasehold law making it easier for leaseholders to extend their leases and challenge unreasonable service charges
  • putting British people at the front of the housing queue through council housing entitlement


While, the Labour Party reaffirmed their commitment to build 200,000 new homes.

The Coalition Government also announced they’ve released enough public sector land to build over 100,000 homes exceeding their original commitment. In addition to a planning update from the Minister. 

Today, the Liberal Democrats have proposed a Cornish Assembly, not unlike the one in Wales.

The media continues to focus on the economy’s role in the election race while issues closer to our hearts like housing, local government, devolution and energy were lower down on their radar – see the chart below illustrates. Visit  Election Unpsun to see which party got the most coverage, this weeks buzzwords and how positively the leaders were talked about.



Didn’t get your election fill from this update, want more politics and planning? Head along to this RTPI NE Question Time style event. Let me know if you’ve got an election related event and I’ll promote it here next time.  


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See you all again next week.