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RTPI in the news

10 March 2015

Media coverage in Scotland has been focussing on the planning process and public engagement. This has given the RTPI an opportunity to comment. RTPI Director and Convenor for Scotland have both been featured in the news in the last 24 hours.

RTPI Director for Scotland, Craig McLaren spoke on the BBC political affairs programme, ‘Scotland 2015’ last night. Craig was interviewed by Sarah Smith, who posed the question, ‘Does planning process listen to protest?’ Craig talked about the changes made since 2006 to the Planning Act in Scotland and said it aimed to make the planning system more inclusive and collaborative in the way it engaged people. The back drop to the story was that local people have been protesting about specific planning developments to a number of public buildings across Scotland in recent days.

Craig highlighted  the contribution of planners and said, “…planning is all about trying to create great places for people and planners are very enthusiastic and keen to make sure that happens”.

You can see the introduction to the story and interview here at 13minutes into the programme.

In addition, Convenor, for RTPI Scotland, Pam Ewen spoke into the Morning Call radio show with Louise White, who asked, ‘Can people power make a difference when it comes to redevelopment and planning where you live?’ Pam said, “People can help planners by getting involved at an early stage in the planning process”. Pam stressed the point about the public being involved as early as possible. The show asked listeners to call in and give examples of where local people have campaigned to impact change to local development.

You can listen to the comments from Pam here at 1hr 4m 30s into the programme.