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RTPI takes Proud of Planning campaign overseas

30 April 2014

Dr Peter GeraghtyA popular Institute campaign launched last year by RTPI President Dr Peter Geraghty to help demonstrate pride in the profession and to showcase its achievements this week reached the shores of the United States. The success of the hugely popular Proud of Planning, Proud of Planners initiative was explained by current President Cath Ranson who urged planners from all over the world attending the American Planning Association (APA) Convention in Atlanta, Georgia to support the campaign and to launch their own.

Pictured: Dr Peter Geraghty, the inspiration behind the global campaign.

Cath Ranson, President of the RTPI, told APA delegates:

“Frequently planning has been seen by politicians as part of the problem, preventing recovery from recession. We all know the capacity that planning has as a force for good, the vital work that we do and the many ways in which we help shape the communities that we serve. But all too often planning is portrayed as controlling and negative, too often we as planners have been acquiescent in the role of scapegoat for major failings in the economy and we've been reluctant to stand up and to speak out for planning and for place making, the last ones to celebrate and promote our own achievements. For far too long planners in the UK - and internationally - have needed a boost to their morale. 

We all know the vital work that we do and the way in which we help and shape the communities which we serve. But too often we are perhaps the last ones to celebrate and promote our own achievements. Proud of Planning, Proud of Planners has proved incredibly popular.

In a short time, Proud of Planning, Proud of Planners has really caught fire and has helped give the profession a new pride in itself. So I would like to ask you all today: will you join us? Will you use the hashtag? Will you set up your own Facebook pages?”

Cath highlighted how a special Facebook page was set up and a new hashtag for twitter comments created to enable planners to celebrate their achievements more widely.

Dr Peter Geraghty, immediate Past-President of the RTPI, said:

"I am proud of the profession and proud of planners and that is why I made it my mission during my year as president on the eve of our centenary to showcase and highlight our achievements as chartered planners. I believe that the proud of planning message is one that can be promoted internationally. I feel strongly that during our centenary year the Royal Town Planning Institute should be the standard bearer for promoting pride in planning and planning professionals internationally. I think it is a great opportunity to be positive and passionate about the profession."