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RTPI past presidents

2018-2019 Ian Tant MRTPI

2017-2018 John Acres MRTPI

2017-2018 Stephen Wilkinson MRTPI

2016-2017 Phil Williams MRTPI

2015-2016 Janet Askew MRTPI

2014-2015 Cath Ranson  BSc DipTP PGC L4C MRTPI


2012-2013 Colin Haylock MRTPI

2011-2012 Richard Summers BA MRTPI

2010-2011 Ann Skippers BSc MRTPI


2009-2010 Martin Willey FCIS FRTPI

2008-2009 Janet O'Neill BSc MRTPI

2007-2008 Jim Claydon BSc MSc DipTP MRTPI

2006-2007 Clive Harridge BA MCMI MRTPI

2005-2006 Ron Tate BA DMS MCMI FRTPI

2004-2005 Mike Hayes CBE BA MCD MRTPI

2003-2004 Vincent Goodstadt BSc DipTP MRTPI

2002-2003 Mike Haslam OBE BSc MRTPI

2001-2002 Nick Davies MRTPI (Rtd)

2000-2001 Kevin Murray BSc MSC DipTP MRTPI


1999-2000 Brian Raggett PhD MRICS MRTPI

1998-1999 Trevor Roberts MA MRTPI

1997-98 William Anthony Keith Struthers OBE MA MRTPI

1996-97 Cliff Hague MA MRTPI

1995-96 Jed Griffiths MA FRTPI

1994-95 Hazel McKay BSc MPhil MRTPI

1993-94 Martin Bradshaw MA MRTPI

1992-93 Michael Welbank BA DipTP ARIBA FRSA MBE MRTPI

1991-92 Professor Peter Fidler CBE MBE MSc MRTPI

1990-91 Robin Thompson CBE MA DipTP MRTPI


1989-90 Chris Shepley CBE BA MRTPI

1988-89 Francis Tibbalds

1987-88 John Dean MICE FRTPI

1986-87 George McDonic MBE FRTPI

1985-86 Stephen Philip Byrne OBE FRTPI (Rtd)

1984-85 John Stewart Anderson TD BA MSc ARIBA FRTPI

1983-84 John Edgar Finney RIBA FRTPI (Rtd)

1982-83 Andrew Thorburn BSc FRTPI

1980-82 John Frederick Norman Collins OBE ARIBA FRTPI


1979-80 Geoffrey Booth FRTPI (Rtd)

1978-79 Professor Gordon Cherry

1977-78 Tom Clarke ARICS FRTPI

1976-77 Sir John Keyworth Boynton MC LLB LMRTPI (Rtd)

1975-76 Ewart West Parkinson BSc FICE FRTPI (Rtd)

1974-75 Sylvia Law OBE MA MRTPI (Rtd)

1973-74 Professor Graham William Ashworth CBE DL BArch MCD ARIBA FRTPI

1972-73 John Stanley Millar CBE BArch ARIBA FRTPI (Rtd)

1971-72 Francis John Clarke Amos CBE BSc ARIBA FRTPI

1970-71 Walter George Bor CBE FRIBA FRTPI


1969-70 Phipps Turnbull OBE TD LD ARIBA FRTPI

1968-69 Professor Arthur George Ling

1967-68 Wilfred Burns CBE

1966-67 Professor Nathaniel Lichfield BSc DSc(Economics) PhD FRICS FRTPI(Rtd)

1965-66 Professor Lewis B Keeble

1964-65 Leslie William Lane FRICS

1963-64 Professor Sir Colin Douglas Buchanan CBE

1962-63 Denis Wearing Riley

1961-62 John Jefferson MICE FRTPI

1960-61 Rowland Nicholas CBE


1959-60 Professor Joseph Stanley Allen BArch, FRIBA

1958-59 Udolphus Aylmer Coates BArch, FRIBA FRTPI (Rtd)

1957-58 Bernard John Collins CBE AMIMunE

1956-57 Maurice James Hellier OBE AMIMunE

1955-56 Sir Desmond Heap LLM Hon LLD LMRTPI

1954-55 Ernest Harvey Doubleday OBE FRICS MIMunE

1953-54 Professor Lord Holford MA BArch DCL Hon LLD ARA PPRIBA PPILA

1952-53 Samuel Leslie George Beaufoy CBE FRIBA

1951-52 Ernest Hone Ford OBE MICE

1950-51 Lieutenant Colonel Henry Philip Cart De Lafontaine OBE TD FRIBA


1949-50 Sir George Lionel Pepler CB, FRICS, Hon ARIBA Hon MIMUNE

1948-49 James Whirter Renwick Adams OBE PPILA

1947-48 Sir James Reginald Howard Roberts CBE JP DL

1946-47 Henry William James Heck MIMunE

1945-46 Thomas Sharp CBE MA DLitt FRIBA PPILA

1944-45 Sir Peirson Frank TD MInstCE FSI

1943-44 William Dobson Chapman MA LRIBA FILA

1942-43 Colonel William Spottiswoode Cameron TD MInstCE

1941-42 Robert Henry Mattocks

1940-41 Oswald Alfred Radley CBE MC LLB


1939-40 William Harding Thompson MC FRIBA

1938-39 Joshua Edward Acfield AMInstCE

1937-38 Ewart Gladstone Culpin JP FRIBA

1936-37 Ernest Gladstone Allen FRIBA

1935-36 Major Leslie Roseveare OBE MInstCE

1934-35 Sir Herbert Humphries CBE MInstCE

1933-34 Thomas Alwyn Lloyd OBE JP Hon LLD FRIBA FILA

1932-33 Francis Longstreth Thompson OBE BSc AMInstCE FSI

1931-32 Richard Cowdy Maxwell OBE LLD

1930-31 Frederick William Platt FSI


1929-30 Richard Barry Parker JP FRIBA

1928-29 Edward Willis MInstCE FSI

1927-28 George Montagu Harris OBE MA

1926-27 William Robert Davidge AMInstCE FRIBA FSI

1925-26 Professor Sir Patrick Abercrombie MA DLit FRIBA FILA

1924-25 William Thomas Lancashire MInstCe

1923-24 Thomas Hayton Mawson

1922-23 Henry Vaughan Lanchester Littd. FRIBA

1921-22 Robert Armstrong Reay-Neadin JP

1920-21 Henry Edward Stilgoe CBE MInstCe


1919-20 George Lionel Pepler FSI HON ARIBA

1918-19 Professor Stanley Davenport Adshead MA FRIBA

1917-18 Edmund Rushworth Abbott OBE

1916-17 John William Cockrill MinstCE ARIBA

1915-16 Sir Raymond Unwin Hon LLD PPRIBA

1914-15 Thomas Adams DEng, FRIBA, FSI



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