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Elections 2018

Be the change that you want to see: the 2018 RTPI Elections

Voting in the 2018 RTPI elections is now closed. Results are available here.

If you have any questions, please contact the RTPI Governance team at


The nominees:

Vice President for 2019 (will become President in 2020) (elected by chartered members)

  • Professor Samer Bagaeen MRTPI
  • Paul Barnard MRTPI
  • Sue Manns FRTPI

Board of Trustees (elected by the General Assembly):

Chair of the Board of Trustees

  • Dr Peter Geraghty FRTPI
  • Graham Stallwood FRTPI

3 Chartered Trustees – Corporate

  • Sue Bridge FRTPI
  • Kim Cooper MRTPI
  • Professor Tony Crook FRTPI(Rtd)
  • Dr Peter Geraghty FRTPI
  • Dr Andrew Jones MRTPI
  • Meeta Kaur MRTPI
  • Gary Rice MRTPI
  • Lindsey Richards FRTPI
  • Andrew Taylor MRTPI
  • Jennifer Winyard MRTPI

General Assembly:

14 Chartered Members (elected by Chartered Members)

  • Stuart Andrews MRTPI
  • Steve Avery MRTPI
  • Professor Samer Bagaeen MRTPI
  • Jim Bailey MRTPI
  • Adam Banham MRTPI
  • Sue Bridge FRTPI
  • Natalie Broughton MRTPI
  • James Carpenter MRTPI
  • Marion Chalmers MRTPI
  • Ian Collinson MRTPI
  • Kim Cooper MRTPI
  • Sara Dilmamode MRTPI
  • Alan Divall MRTPI
  • Helen Fadipe MRTPI
  • Joanne Farrar MRTPI
  • Sandra Ford MRTPI
  • Vincent Goodstadt MRTPI
  • Chris Jesson MRTPI
  • Dr Andrew Jones MRTPI
  • Steve Kemp MRTPI
  • Abraham Laker MRTPI
  • Nicky Linihan MRTPI
  • Victoria Manning MRTPI
  • John Mattocks MRTPI
  • Marie-Louise Miliken MRTPI
  • Richard Newsome MRTPI
  • Jake Nugent MRTPI
  • Michelle Price MRTPI
  • Amy Ravitz-Williams MRTPI
  • Lindsey Richards FRTPI
  • Julia Riddle MRTPI
  • Corinne Swain FRTPI
  • Tammy Swift-Adams MRTPI
  • Andrew Taylor FRTPI
  • Karin Taylor MRTPI
  • Stephen Wilkinson MRTPI
  • Phil Williams MRTPI
  • Richard Williamson FRTPI(Rtd)
  • Jennifer Winyard MRTPI
  • Bob Wolfe MRTPI

 3 Students or Licentiates (elected by Student and Licentiate members)

  • Garry King
  • Caitlin Murray
  • Olafiyinfoluwa Taiwo
  • Layla Vidal-Martin

1 Legal Members/Legal Associates (elected by Chartered Members and Legal Associates)

  • Martin Edwards LAMRTPI
  • Matthew White LAMRTPI


Please see code of conduct for more information on the elections process.