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Termination of membership

Contact the Membership Team if you have any questions about the following.


You can resign your membership any time by completing the resignation from membership form [LINKTO:] and return it to usthe Membership Team [LINK TO:]. You will have to pay any subscription arrears before being reinstated.

Lapse of membership

We will remove your name from our members' registerthe Register of Members if you do not pay your full subscription after a final reminder.  You must also pay any subscription arrears before being reinstated.

Suspending your membership

You cannot ask to be suspended from your membership but we can suspend you as a disciplinary action.  During your suspension, all membership privileges will be temporarily withdrawn but you must continue to pay your fees.

Expelling your membership

We can immediately terminate your membership as an appropriate disciplinary action.  You must pay all arears up to your termination date before being reinstated. We will also decide when we will allow you to be reinstated.

Deceased members

We will close down your membership immediately once we've verified that death has occurred.  Your executor can apply for a monthly pro-rata reimbursement of your unused subscription.

Taking a break from membership

We do not allow members to take a break from their membership role. But you can:
•    resign to be reinstate later, or
•    take a leave of absence but solely at our discretion  

Contact membership [MAILTO:] for more details.  


To be reinstated to your former membership class, you must:

  • complete a reinstatement application form [LINK TO:]
  • show that you have at least 25 hours of continuing professional development over 18 months before you applied (licentiate, student and retired class members are excluded)
  • pay all of your subscription fees
  • pay the reinstatement administration fee [LINK TO:] (licentiate and student members are exempt)



The following scenarios are dealt with here:

Any queries arising from the above should be first addressed to the Membership Team ( .


A member may resign from membership at anytime.  They must do so by completing the Resignation from Membership form and return it to the address on the form.  Questions regarding resignation can be made by either writing to the Membership Team (at Royal Town Planning Institute, 41 Botoloph Lane, London, EC3R 8DL) or by email at .

Any unpaid subscription accrued up to the date of resignation plus any arrears and late payment charges will be noted against the member's record and must be paid upon such time the member chooses to reinstate in the future.

Lapse of membership

If the member does not pay their subscription by the date given in a final reminder despite having been sent at least two requests for payment, then they will be struck off from the Register of Members.  The unpaid balance on the member's subscription account at this date will be noted against the member's record and must be paid if at a later date the member chooses to reinstate membership.

Suspension of membership 

RTPI will suspend a member if it is deemed that it is the appropriate course of disciplinary action against them.  During this period of suspension, all privileges of membership are temporarily withdrawn.  However, payment terms remain unchanged.

Expulsion of membership 

Membership will be terminated immediately if RTPI deems this is the appropriate disciplinary action.  The unpaid balance on a member's subscription account at this date will be noted against the member's record and must be paid upon such time the member chooses to reinstate and RTPI allows such reinstatement in the future.

Deceased members

Upon a verifiable notification of a member's death, membership is ceased immediately.  The executor of the deceased may apply for reimbursement of any unused part of subscription.  The subscription year runs between 1 January to 31 December and the reimbursement is calculated on a pro-rata basis based on the number of unused whole months from the date of death.

Taking a break from membership

RTPI has no facility to take account of those members who wish to suspend membership and take a break from membership.  The only action available is to resign from membership (see how above) and reinstate later.

However, the member can ask to take a Leave of Absence.  They should contact the Membership Team for more details.  This leave is allowed solely at the discretion of RTPI.


When a member wishes to reinstate to a class of membership they will need to complete a reinstatement application form

Apart from Licentiate, Student and Retired membership classes, the member has to demonstrate that they have at least 25 hours of CPD (continuing professional development) in the 18 months prior to the date of the application. 

For all membership classes any unpaid subscription balance recorded at the point of termination must be paid before reinstatement can be allowed.  The Subscriptions Team should be contacted to obtain this amount.

A reinstatement administration fee is payable for all members other than Licentiates and Student members.


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