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How to pay your subscription

There are a number of ways in which members can pay their subscription:

(Further details can be found here)

Here are some ways to make it easier for members to pay.

Additional information is given below.

Direct Debit 

A member with a valid UK bank account can complete the Direct Debit Instruction form and opt to pay by single instalment on or shortly after 1 January or quarterly on or shortly after 1 January, April, July and October.  A monthly payment option is not avaiable.  The mandate continues into the future unless the arrangement is ceased by either:

  • the member
  • the member's bank
  • the member's employer if drawn on the employer's account
  • RTPI

All Direct Debit Instruction forms must be sent in the post to the address on the form – faxes, photocopies and email scans are not acceptable due to banking regulations.

Members may join the scheme at any time up to 15 September to pay their current year subscription provided the instruction is with the Subscriptions Team by that date. Anytime after that is only with special agreement with the Subscriptions Team.

If the member wishes to pay by a single instalment then this will be the first quarter date available i.e. on or shortly after 1 January, April, July and October.  If the member wants to pay by quarterly instalment then there will be a catch-up of missed instalments on the first payment. 

For example, if the member's first collection date is 1 April then both the missed January and April instalments will be collected at the same time.

Payments from Overseas

Members resident outside the UK can make a payment by bank transfer, and should use these details here.  Please note that only the amount received by RTPI after the deduction of bank charges is credited to the member's account.  Any shortfall may result in reminders being sent and late payment charges being added to the member's subscription account.

Probably the best method for making payment from overseas is by credit card, the member's local debit card, or PayPal.  This can be done on-line on this website.  Members resident outside the UK can set up an arrangement with the Subscriptions Team to pay quarterly by Mastercard or Visa.

Payment by Member's Employer 

A member's UK employer may pay the member's subscription by BACS.  Full details of how to do this are given here. These should be read carefully as the detail is important.

A remittance advice MUST be sent and provide the following information: 

  • Each member's membership number and name
  • For each member, the amount of the member's subscription being paid
  • The date the payment will appear in RTPI's bank account
  • RTPI's bank account number to which the payment has been made
  • The reference that will shown on RTPI's bank statement
  • Contact telephone number

The bank account details on the Bank Giro Credit slip MUST NOT be used for BACS payments as these are not for an RTPI bank account.

Receipt for Payment 

The Subscriptions Team is able to provide, only on request, a receipt to a member and send it by either email or post. 

The member is able to obtain a receipt while paying by card on-line.

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