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Isobel Holloway

Winner for the 16-18 category

Isobel Holloway

"I really enjoyed applying creativity to a geographical context and my local area, also I enjoyed using information I learnt from doing geography and utilizing it in something I had never previously done before."

Isobel Holloway (aged 19) from Knutsford Academy, Cheshire


Background on the local area

Sale, Trafford is 5 miles from Manchester City Centre and is easily accessible from Sale Metro Link Station. Of 40,272 in employment, only 45.5% are in full time employment.


Key issues Sale faces

These are the key issues Sale currently faces:

-  Lack of Green Space

-  Lack of community involvement

-  Not as environmentally friendly as it could possibly be

-  Could be more inclusive


How to change Sale for the better

-  Recycling – locating plastic, cardboard and paper recycling bins alongside general waste.

-  Green Space – these need to become key features of the town centre.

-  Community Involvement – by igniting a community involvement, it creates a good spirit amongst the community. Teaching people about food waste or using produce to cook can teach about eating on a budget.

-  Sustainable new-builds – Any form of new build should be built using natural materials.

-  Hybrid Charging Stations – In at least every charging point there should be hybrid charging points to promote the uses of hybrid cars as opposed to diesel/petrol.

-   Inclusivity – The creation of an outdoor sensory area would promote inclusivity and an additional green area for the town. In addition everywhere should have free (easy access to avoid any form of exclusivity.


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