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Ben Baker Barnes

Winner for the 7-11 category

Ben Baker Barnes


"I had great fun creating the pictures for the competition and dreaming what could happen in an area." 

Ben Baker Barnes (aged 7) from Jessons School, West Midlands

Observations of Wolverhampton Street

In Dudley, on the corner of School Street and Wolverhampton Street, there is a dump. People throw their rubbish in to it. Some beautiful plants are growing there and the butterflies came in the summer.

Future Ideas

In the future I think there should be an open space at the front of the dump, with square benches for children and adults to sit down and have a rest. There need to be steps for people to walk through the area because the space is on levels.

Key local area problems

The local area problems are rubbish and streets having dump areas, where people throw sofas and fridges away in the wrong places.

If the area were to change I think the only issue would be that the land owner likes the land like this and doesn't want to change it. But this is a shame because it could look so different and make people feel happy when they walk past.

Ideas to change the local area for the better  

  • Clean the area up, get special caretakers to clear the dump
  • Work with designers to look at the plans
  • Ask lots of children and adults what they wanted on the land so everybody can say their idea.
  • Every month there would be a new theme for the area
  • Give people jobs so they can help look after the area so it never goes bad again.

Effect our solution would have

  • We can be proud of our town,
  • We can see our friends in a safe place after school,
  • If we put the aquarium in then people can enjoy the nature
  • More birds can come to the area as there will be trees
  • Children can come together to build the Bug Hotels to welcome all kinds of insects.

Ben 1a