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Aditya Vege

Winner for the 7-11 Category

Observations of Preston bus station and surrounding area

There are cigarette stubs on the ground in the Preston bus station. The cigarettes on the floor are the signs of people being careless and/or unaware of the smoking restrictions. There should be more signs banning the smoking in the premises. Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) should enforce the 'No Smoking' legislation and give out 'on the spot' fines of up to £30.


Safety of Pedestrians

To cross into the Preston bus station, you have to cross a busy road with fast moving vehicles. You have to be really careful as to not get run over. With a zebra crossing, the vehicles have to stop to let pedestrians cross which fully increases everyone's safety.


Problems of Preston bus station at night-time

The Preston bus station is dark and uninviting, especially in winters. It has received many bad reviews on the Trip Advisor website because of the darkness and people would prefer it to be brighter. Fixing solar panels on to the roof of the bus station can power some solar energy lights to improve the lighting. It would look a lot more inviting to all the people and also feels safer.


Improvements to the local area

The field on Fulwood Row, Preston has some apple trees, but it is currently not being fully utilised by the community. By adding tennis courts, a basketball court and a few picnic tables, we can really make good use of this space. This also promotes healthy life style by encouraging physical exercise and can become an inclusive space for everyone to use, play and relax.


How to resolve littering

In an area at the end of Fulwood Row, Preston, dog fouling and litter are an issue causing inconvenience to the public and affecting the environment. Clear signs and enforcement of fines for dog fouling and provision of a dustbin for putting the litter may help resolve these issues.


Aditya 1

Aditya Vege (aged 11) from Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Lancashire