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2017 RTPI elections: members urged to vote

31 August 2017

Use your vote to shape the future of the Institute

Now is the chance for members to shape the future of the Institute by casting their vote in this year’s RTPI Elections. Members are being asked to look out for a letter or email from Mi Voice, this year’s election provider and ensure they have voted by 5pm, 29 September.

Stephen Wilkinson, RTPI President said:

"These elections represent an important opportunity for our members to influence the direction of the Institute. It is crucial that all members who are eligible to vote, take this opportunity. "

Who are this year’s Vice Presidential nominees?

Sue Bridge MRTPI

(Trustee and Current Chair of Policy Practice and Research Committee)

As the UK finds a new place in the world, we, the RTPI, must seize this opportunity to broadcast how proactive planning delivers better social, environmental and economic outcomes to create successful places. We must campaign to keep the good features of the current planning and environmental regime through effective engagement with government. We must also continue to promote the benefits of planning, from the strategic to the neighbourhood, build on our successful research programmes, capitalise on the devolution agenda, learn from best practice and draw inspiration from international colleagues. I am an experienced practitioner who has worked at a senior level in both local government and the private sector. I have a track record of delivery, working in partnership with both private and public sector agencies and stakeholders, engaging at a senior level with national and local government and promoting the value and benefits of planning both through my work with the RTPI and during my normal working day. I care passionately about planning and the role that planners play in society. As ambassador for planning I would use my depth, breadth and variety of experience to advance the art and science of planning both at home and abroad.

Ian Tant MRTPI

(Trustee and Current Vice-Chair of Policy Practice and Research Committee)

Throughout the period to Brexit in 2019 – and beyond - planners have a critical task of ensuring that development needs, the importance of place, and related environmental issues, remain high on the agenda in all our nations and regions. The RTPI does much already but to many members, this is ‘below the radar’. I believe now is the time to become outspoken. I have skills and experience honed through the 38 years of my career to date, which has included leading teams in major development work; working in partnership with local authority planners; promoting schemes to senior Councillors, stakeholders, MPs and Ministers; and raising profile through public speaking, contributions to publications, and appearances on local, regional and national radio and television (including Newsnight). Importantly, I have the time to commit to the role. I want to “give back” to the profession and the Institute that has served me so well throughout my career I am passionate about the work that planners carry out and relish the opportunity to spend time spreading the joy of this work, giving voice to our profession in the face of the continuing challenges. I ask only for the opportunity to serve.

Watch: Sue Bridge and Ian Tant explain why they are standing for RTPI Vice President

Full list of nominated members and positions for which they are standing:

Board of Trustees

Corporate (3 roles)

  • Janet Askew MRTPI
  • Peter Geraghty FRTPI
  • Zoe Green MRTPI
  • Colin Haylock MRTPI
  • Roger Smith MRTPI
  • Tom Venables MRTPI
  • Wei Yang MRTPI

Young Planner

  • Aahsan Rahman MRTPI
  • Lucy Seymour-Bowdery MRTPI

General Assembly

Corporate (14 roles)

  • Christopher Balch MRTPI
  • Cecil Elliston Ball MRTPI
  • Ellenclaire Cass MRTPI
  • Andrew Coleman MRTPI
  • Claire Davies MRTPI
  • Pam Ewen MRTPI
  • David Edmondson MRTPI
  • Peter Geraghty FRTPI
  • Daniel Gigg MRTPI
  • Mark Hand MRTPI
  • Joanna Jones MRTPI
  • Meeta Kaur MRTPI
  • Christopher Maidment MRTPI
  • John Mattocks MRTPI
  • Paul McCann MRTPI
  • Derek McKenzie MRTPI
  • Charlotte Morphet MRTPI
  • Julie Morgan MRTPI
  • Janet O'Neill MRTPI
  • Annabel Osborne MRTPI
  • Aahsan Rahman MRTPI
  • Cath Ranson MRTPI
  • Ruth Richards MRTPI
  • Ann Skippers MRTPI
  • Stefano Smith MRTPI
  • Andrew Taylor FRTPI
  • Justin Wickersham MRTPI
  • Richard Williamson FRTPI
  • Jennifer Winyard MRTPI
  • Edward Chetwynd-Stapylton MRTPI
  • Wei Yang MRTPI


  • Annabel Le Lohe
  • Simeon Shtebunaev
  • Frances Thompson
  • Che Tsun (Cleo) Au
  • Ryan Walker

Members can cast their vote from today.